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    Default Ulric the Defiler from Bane Lords...


    Did this for a comp over on wamp. Fire away any crit's you like please!

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    holy hell! this is a model in just my taste! coooool... needitwantit!

    paintjob make it justice too

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    If u want a crit's I will give You some Note that I realy like your paint job, but there are things that, You could done better.

    First of all "the feel" of the mini. The only cool (in the meaning that its not warm) part of the mini is loin cloth. Beige skin tone /brownish/golden metsllics are warm. Due to this whole miniature lacks contrast. I would paint colder metallics or colder skinn tone.

    Although, highlights over skin are well placed and painted, shadows looks messy a bit. I think it's due to the lacks in mid tones. Take your basecoat mix, water it down heavily and make more smooth transitions between first highlights and shadows. maybe add some green glazes to add some color, variation.

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    Great looking base, and that is a very wicked mini.

    I agree with Inferno that the skin seems to lack a midtone.

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    Good points there guys! Thanks very much! Very good point about the warm/cool for adding contrast. I've sort of just always tried to go from black to white (ish) for contrast and need to spend more time planning the mini with the ideas mentioned here. Thanks again!

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