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Thread: Rackham Confrontation Titan Dragon (Huge Resin one) for sale - Pristine - Mint in Box

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    Cool Rackham Confrontation Titan Dragon (Huge Resin one) for sale - Pristine - Mint in Box

    Hello everyone -

    Jim Ludwig from Dark Sword Miniatures checking in.

    I have a pristine copy of the massive (and rare) Rackham Confrontation Titan Dragon that needs a new home. This is the super large resin dragon which is perhaps the greatest dragon ever sculpted.

    It is pristine - mint in box - never assembled or primed. All pieces are accounted for and in mint condition. It only came out of the box to ensure everything was there and accounted for after I bought it.

    Rackham of course has gone out of business and this dragon is one of the most sought after pieces of the Confrontation line.

    I have posted up a small Web page with more details and pictures of this great kit on my Dark Sword Miniatures site.

    This dragon sold for just under $300.00 retail back when it was available. I am selling this pristine copy for $600.00 US dollars via PayPal which includes Expedited shipping with full insurance to most places in the world.

    More Details on the Web page above.

    Email me at if interested with your shipping address so I can approve and send payment instructions.

    The first approved buyer to make the payment via PayPal gets the spoils.



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    Hi there.

    He sold about 4 hours later. So he is on his way to Australia now to a happy new owner.



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    Best wishes to the new owner, hopefully the plane wont crash with such a unique delivery inside

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