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    Default few things for sale

    Hey guys

    Got a few thing to get rid of, drop me a pm if your interested;

    1x FW Lord Zhufor £15 ( new except for the torso and legs are suck together )

    1x box GW Orc Boar Boyz £10 ( one boar has been used, still enough parts to create 4 Boar Boyz with plenty of spare bitz.)

    1x FW Death Korps of Krieg command hq £20 ( eagle of general helmet taken of, and two feet have been broken of two other minis, but can easily be glued back on.)

    I will accept paypal, cheques, or i am after this mini from FW




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    would anybody be interested in these if they were cheaper ??? i need to get rid of them

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    £20 for the lot if anyones interested

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