Mrs. Gearhead's 1st Mini: Bretonnian Sorceress
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Thread: Mrs. Gearhead's 1st Mini: Bretonnian Sorceress

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    Default Mrs. Gearhead's 1st Mini: Bretonnian Sorceress

    I saw her paint this thing, and I still can't believe it's her first mini! She doesn't paint in any other medium, either!

    I really hope she catches the bug; she'll leave me in the dust in no time at all!!

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    She certainly has a knack for it. Or she's a quick learner. Or both.
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    I haven't yet decided whether this is the coolest thing ever or
    the most depressing....since she already paints better than I do.

    Great start. She's a natural.
    Hope it's becoming something you can both enjoy together.

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    Dang! That's very impressive for a first mini (or a 20th one!)

    Well done.

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    what the hell that is amazing!
    Make her quit her job and make her a commission painter... millionaire in no-time.
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    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    Okay...then what has she been reading? lol! Cause she's demonstrating techniques that lean toward the advanced side of things. She's got a bit of light source going with the sword and the torso - the rest of it doesn't quite follow but who cares, the mini is gorgeous.

    So she's either a closet mini painter or she's channeling something. lol!

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    Thanks everyone!

    I neglected to mention that one thing she did was ransack my copy of the CMON Ultimate Painting Guide!! So we can blame CanopicDoll for the NMM. It's a REALLY good thing I didn't know that she was going to attempt NMM, because I would have very foolishly advised her to wait before trying something that advanced! You're right about the light source (the shine should be on the same side, front and back,) but as you say, who cares?

    I think one thing that's happening is that she has a very clear mental picture of how she wants the thing to look. That's a huge advantage, I think, because most of the time I sit down to a mini and think "Okay, now what? Hmm... maybe I'll make this bit green or something." I think it was also why she was kind of frustrated and dissatisfied with her progress, but after reading everyones' responses, she's realizing just how good a job she actually did, regardless of how short it may have fallen from her vision. And if this is any indication, it won't take long for her skill to catch up to it!

    It's still too early to make a prognosis, but indications are that she's been bitten and may well and truly catch the bug. She's already picked out her next attempt, and claimed half of my Spyglass/Eolith minis for herself! Worse yet, she's been eyeing my airbrush for the past several months...

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    That a brilliant first mini. Definitely some natural talent there.
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    bloody women with their dexterity and patience!

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