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    Hello all! :-)

    I was originally going to post this on Bartertown but felt that this forum would be better. I have a Confrontation Tarascus that I would preferrably like to trade for some 40k Eldar or a cash offer. I live in the United States but would be willing to send this thing anywhere. It has been opened a few times to oogle at but is otherwise untouched. It is a painting project that I will never get around to because I have other dragon's and large monsters taking priority. If you are interested in trading or purchasing for cash please PM me and we can work something out!

    After opening the box and checking the model out one more time I noticed that it is not as mint as I thought. I haven't opened this thing up to look at for years and never noticed it before. :-/

    It is missing the last tooth on the left side of the lower jaw! Digging through the box I found a piece that resembles a tooth and have safely placed it in the zippy bag with the top part of the head.
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    Looks like I found a buyer and a deal has been worked out! I will be sad to part with it, but the Tarascus has found a happy home in Australia!


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