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    blimey, lol, just seen on
    that I won.. and no prize,, what a burst. oh well years ago now..but i won...

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    Lol. whoopsie, eh? Maybe they'll makes it right if you get in contact? That model is pretty sweet too.

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    congrats on your belated win!

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    Heh. I won a trophy once. Accidentally entered the high school level of drafting while in junior high. By the time I caught my mistake, the organizers apologized but said it was too late to switch, so I might as well compete. Never had a chance of course, so never went around to find out the results (there were multiple events and this was just one).

    Turns out I was the only one who actually READ the instructions (ie: three view does not mean 3D view), so as the only competitor that actually did what was required, I won first. By the time I had found out more than a year later, I was already off to high school and a different building. Never seen the trophy myself, but younger friends have said that it still sits in the trophy case in the junior high.
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    cheers guys, always fun to google your user name and see what happens..

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