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Thread: Fire Industries/Rackham - Who owns the rights?

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    Question Fire Industries/Rackham - Who owns the rights?

    I managed to get my hands on an unpainted Mid-Nor Scourge Bearer resin kit (the big one - that Rackham (and I think later Fire Industries?) put out. Now that they are kaput, did the production rights revert to the sculptor? The French government? Did someone buy the intellectual property lock, stock and barrel?

    The reason I ask is I would LOVE to put this kit back into production. It really is a triumph of the art form and it is a shame to have it not be available. The only information I was able to find about the sculptor is that maybe it was someone named "Martin Fassnacht"(?) or something like that but that could be a misspelling from the translation.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Depends on which sculpt for Fire Industries. The Goblin Ninja, Crow, and Pumpkin Head were sculpted by a Sean Green. The IP remains his, and in fact, one can still get these sculpts direct from him. The other sculpts, though, I'm not sure. Have you tried asking on That's where a lot of the old guard for the CORDs went.

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    I caught up with Sean (nice guy BTW) over at the Clubhouse forum. I'll give DragonPainting a shot. Thanks for the tip!

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    no idea but all i can say is that i bloody want one!!

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    Fire Industries guys are now the guys at Grey Matter Figures, those rackham resins are nice, and I want to get my hands on them one day.....


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