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    They say the suit makes me more than a soldier...

    Hi everyone, this is my latest model. I wanted to paint something unusual, so I've taken one of the amazing Corvus Belli - Infinity miniature: a Hac Tao warrior.
    In the last weeks I've been totally taken away by the amazing videogame Crysis 2, so I was inspired to create something in that style.

    This is the first installment of a trilogy: Nanosuit 1.0 - Be Strong, according to the sequence of one of the trailers of the videogame.
    I created cracks on the floor under the feet of the soldier to give the impression of the power of the suit.

    The game takes place in a New York invaded by aliens; in many ways it reminds the attack of that city ten years ago... that's why, on the ground near the falling column, I've added the front page of the NY Times after the 9/11 with the headline "U.S. ATTACKED", blown away by the wind and the pictures of missing people. It was just a poetic license.
    You may notice the Crynet logo on the shoulder pad of the soldier.

    Ok that's the model, if you vant to vote it:


    In the next days I'll upload a 3D-Stereoscopic-IMAKH version and maybe a 360° video.
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    Wonderful! Great attention to detail, and I really like the fact that you were inspired to do this.

    Everything is well done, especially that newspaper.

    The one slight criticism would be that the pepsi can seems far too large.

    I'd love to see a 360 view.

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    It's like a 40 oz can of Pepsi.

    Now with more Oni goodness then allowed by the FDA!
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    nice work. agree with the comments about the pepsi though

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