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    OKAY. I'm officially a Happy Bunny.THANK YOU.

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    great news, finally able to get the missing/hard-to-get minis.And really looking forward to see the yet-unreleased minis.btw is there a chance to revive the game too with a proper 4th edition or the right includes only mini-releases?

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    Finally I can get my hands on some of their elementals.

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    Brilliant news. Possibly some of the best news for the hobby for a long time.

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    Great news! I want my Titan Dragon of Aarklash... and Hydra... and Alchemists Dragon... and Gryphon... and......!!!

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    I never played the games but these minis were a painters delight! Will this include the Cadwallon minis?

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    More news will be release as we run up to Gencon!

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    Brilliant news. So now for the rules system. I'd even fund the production of the rule books - there is an instant player base if the new company can show a growth curve and solid base (after Rackham dropped the ball).

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    ohhh wish i could go to gencon to get some of these soooner than later

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    Oh hell yes!!! has anyone else been having a problem send an email to

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    I've been informed the email address should be working now.

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    Yeah! They're back!!! One of the best news ever!

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    AHHHHH!!! I am SO happy! I literally just threw my arms up and went, "YES!" There are just a few things I REALLY want to see, to be the crown jewels of my Tir-Na-Bor display. They have so far been completely unattainable...


    These. I will pay a ridiculous amount for these. They were never released, and I think they only saw the light of day at a show in Paris. Maybe now they may see production. I'm praying to the gods of capitalism that they're released.

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    Thank the gods of Aarklash!

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    Quick update:Interview with Vincent over at Beasts of War!

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