Question about White Lions from a very new player.
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Thread: Question about White Lions from a very new player.

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    Default Question about White Lions from a very new player.

    I've seen a lot of modified White Lion miniatures using a lion as a mount. Are there actually rules for using a lion as a mount? I looked in the book but maybe I just missed something. Any info or a point in the right direction would be great. It looks really cool. Thanks!

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    As far as I know most players tent to use them as stand-ins for dragon princes. So no special rules for them, at least no official ones as far as I know. You could however take the profile for the charriot lions and the one from the white lions regiment on foot and just combine them. How to get the pointcost right however is beyond my gasp...

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    Thanks a lot for the response! I think I'll just leave my lions attached to the chariot. It seems really cool but if there aren't any official rules, I don't want to use it as a stand in. Thanks again Yuggoth!

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    As previously said there are no current rules that allow you to take a White lion as a viable mount, and only the Korhil special character can be put into a white lion chariot. Other characters can be put in a tiranoc chariot. If you was going for a white lion themed army I would just mount the character on a lion and class it as a barded steed or agree with you opponent a points cost and use the lion's stat line. They may be in the storm of magic book as a monster/mount you can take but im not really sure.

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    Thanks a lot Cleezy, I hadn't thought to check that book. Are there other monster/mounts in the book that aren't in the army books?

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