Need help finding a feral mini
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Thread: Need help finding a feral mini

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    Default Need help finding a feral mini

    My Pathfinder group is about to start a new campaign in a few weeks, so I have been researching possible minis for each of the players. Finding a suitable mini for one of the characters is proving to be difficult. The player hasn’t made a final decision on race, so suggestions for human, half-orc or dwarf would be appreciated.

    The character is a feral male bear totem druid/barbarian using natural bite and claw attacks. He is using leather armor or breastplate.

    I’m looking for something similar to Space Wolves or D&D Shifter overall look. The problem I’m finding is the only minis I’m finding with claws are a few vampire minis with the fangs/claws but they don’t have the proper outfits or lycanthropes.

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    Check out Reaper's Figure Finder
    licked brushes and counting.

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