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    Yep, what Khavor says.

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    So after coming back from Games Day and seeing all the awesome models that were painted for both the Golden Demons and AoP, I got excited about coming back home and painting again. I didn't start right away since I was on vacation this past week, but today I got some work done on a test model for my new army I want to start.

    I'm not a great army painter as I tend to pay way too much attention to individual models and not the army as a whole. Which then makes me not finish the army at all, but I have some local friends lighting the fire under my behind to get moving and finish this army to play. The model is not finished as it was just a test to find the right color combinations and so on, so here goes.

    Let me know what you guys think so far...more for table top gaming and local army painted competition, not AoP or Demons or anything.

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    Nice to see you back on the horse! Missed you at GD - stinks when there is no demon lounge to congregate around >< Any ideas for GD next year?
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    I have a couple of ideas, but not sure if I'm going to go ahead with them. Whenever GW releases new models, I seem to end up changing my mind over and over again. But will definitely enter next year. One thing I'm sure of is LoTR entry. Not sure what category yet, but my friends and I made a pact to enter at least one model, win or lose. No entry would mean to dress up as a cherub for the entire convention LOL.

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    Like the marine. Really nice for tabletop. An entire army of them would look sweet indeed. Mantis Warriors?

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