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    Im sending you the bill for my dental treatment (after i've picked my jaw up off the floor) The banner is wicked ! great work on the black blending looks really solid and metalic. Its official then you are a member of the "smartarse" club great skills mate.

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    • a person who is greatly admired or feared.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: translating Latin semideus .

    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Looks awesome my friend! Glad to see I'm not the only one in love with MiniatureMentor!
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    Really nice banner. Now finish them so that we cant vote on them

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    Hi Guys,

    All finished on the marine squad. I am really pleased with how they have ended up but I would be lying if I said I was 100% happy. Painting squads is not my bag and I am glad I have finished these lot off. I am really pleased with the freehand and the blacks which were a real challenge. Basing could be better but these are for gaming so not a massive issue. C&C welcome

    Name:  Steve Montage.jpg
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    Wow. Just wow. You must have learned a lot about painting black. And that banner looks awesome.

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    Fantastic, you've done well Will I like the contrast you've got into the black and banner - I'd be tempted to change the bases and enter them into GD

    You've almost made we want to pick up another space marine!

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    Cheers for the nice comments chaps. I am in agreement MM. I wanted to do a better squad base but ran out of time. Committed to finish these during Easter and move on. My thoughts are for a muster deck on some kind of Ordo ship with some nice insignia and metalwork. May do it as a side project and swap the marines over at a later date.

    One issue I have is with basing and the fact that I never get round to doing it before painting the mini. I may buy in some more materials, plinths etc so that I can get some display bases complete before painting.

    Over and out
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    Hey dudes! After thinking I was through with marines for a while I have decided to work more on the NMM Sanguinary guard I started at Tommies NMM class. Been working on the the legs at the moment and will have some images in the next day or too.

    Its nice not to be working with black!!!

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    top work mate, very impressive. Voted!
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    That banner is a strait 10 for me! And the black.

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    Very good job. I am a fan. The banner looks amazing too.

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    I so happy to not be painting black LOL!!!! There is colour in the world and it is a beautiful place....... Enough of this and on with the WIP. Here are the up to date piccies of the Sanguinary Guard I am working on. Using all the skills picked up with Mr Soule and learnings from my blacks this is where I am up to.

    Name:  Sanguinary5.JPG
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    He sparkles! Thoughts on battle damage for this fella please. Can I justifiably verdigree him up, scratch his armour and generally make him look a bit lived in or do I stop with a clean and gleaming look?

    Any thoughts appreciated.
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    It looks too shiny to damage! I wouldn't do it, but then again, I never really painted SM's and do weathering and stuff.
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    You could make it lived in but you've done such a good job on that nnm that I would keep any damage or weathering very sparse.
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    Fantastic work mate especially on that banner which is next level and all that!

    Keep him clean and sparkly, no to the battle damage is my thought.
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    Hey - that squad is absolutely great! well done!!

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    Hey Will, always great to see your stuff. The deathwatch unit has been very inspiring for me. Funnily enough I'm struggling with the same dilemma as you at the moment in terms of wether or not to weather a very clean piece I've been working on. I dont have pics up but I'll try and get some today or tomorrow and would love to have your opinion. Personally I say go for it. I feel it's very rare to see a weathered NMM piece. It takes so much time to get that perfect NMM that I feel most people are afraid to then venture into the realm of weathing. I think it has great potential and will furthermore be set apart from the other hundered and one beautiful NMM pieces that are popping up. Just my two cents : P I feel most will disagree lol.


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    I agreee with shakes, I do belive that NMM is more difficult to do weathering on when TM, This due to that the higlights and shadows need to be there to create the "illusion" of metalics. but would be nice if you gave it a try. Atleast some weathering don´t need to be too much.


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    Weathered NMM is truly an artform. TMM is, as I've found out, actually quite difficult as well. At this point even harder for me than NMM. It's six of one, half dozen of the other. Do whatever you're most comfortable with. Or don't. What do I know?
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