A fellow painter has died
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Thread: A fellow painter has died

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    Default A fellow painter has died

    Hello everyone. I don't think Grekwood from FoD has posted here much (if ever) but he was a fellow painter and a very nice young man. I know many of you drop by FoD often but may not have been keeping up with his thread there.

    Grekwood had an auto-immune system disorder that was genetic. He had to be very careful of infections. He had a prolapse of the intestines several weeks ago and has been in the hospital to have it fix. The operation didn't go well and he got a raging infection. He's been in ICU for 7 weeks.

    At 2055 on the 19th of July, 2011 he passed. Please all take a moment to think of him and be thankful for your health and everything good in your life. It's so easy to lose it all.

    Gareth, we'll miss you.
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    RIP Gareth. You were a good and funny person. You will be missed.

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    From one Gareth to another; rest in peace, buddy.

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    Terrible news, always sad when you hear news like this.
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    Oh man, very tragic. Rest in Peace.

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    My condolences to his family and all that knew him. Is there a link to his work?

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    condolences to his family and friends. At lest he did something that he enjoyed such as painting. Autoimmune diseases are nasty buggers.

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    our world weeps for his passing ........ RIP
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    R.I.P Gareth, you will be missed.

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    bless him, he was only young too

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