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    A friend just posted up a link to this RP system - it looks remarkably entertaining

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    Thats insane! Literally.

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    An interesting concept... and with a good group of friends I can see it being a real laugh to play.
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    Well, that's definitely something new to me!
    New and interesting! Thanks, RubeBrush!

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    That,s a great information to me from your side...i have no knowledge about before...so sweet dude...please inform me another great knowledge if you have.thanks

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    I GM'd an Everyone is John game for some friends and it was a blast. There was drinking involved which totally made it even more crazy, but it also made it hard for some people to stay focused. We didn't actually finish the game, but everyone enjoyed it and said they wanted to play again.

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    This RPG is confusing at first (being new to rpg's) but once you get the hang of it, it's a lot of fun. Just make sure you get a good group that will participate. We had one girl in our group who just wasn't paying attention and she really brought it down for everyone! But all in all its great!

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