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    Hi, I made my first post last week to get some help with my shading of blacks, and after getting some advice (fankoo ) I figured Id start a WIP thread to hopefully get some ongoing opinions and pointers on my progress and whether Im heading in the right direction.

    I tend to get bored of things as im working on them so always have a few things on the go that i move between before I ever get one finished.

    Ive tended not to stray too much and try many out of the ordinary things before, apart from adding the odd bit to a model or doing a bit of sculpting on the base and decided it was time to push the boat out. So... Im working on 3 things at the minute that are majorly out of my comfort zone(My comfort zone being splodging paint on stock miniatures)

    First off I decided to make a new banner for an old space marine standard bearer i had laid around, after watching game of thrones and then reading the books i decided to go for a stark direwolf type theme but that meant dark greys/black which troubles me. Heres what i have so far:

    The model to begin with.

    The painting so far, frustration at my palette drying out tended to have me painting from the pot, but now ive finaly made a wet palette so will be going back to the armor with thinner paint.

    Same for the cape, though im considering just removing that as it was rushed and only stuck on there as i had some mixed milliput left over?

    And the banner, its my first attempt at fur too so any advice there would be helpful

    Second, My little ice and fire obsession getting worse, i decided to buy a jon snow and direwolf models from here and make a little scene with them in the woods with one of the carved weirwood trees from the books, so far ive only started the tree:

    Just to show the scale.

    The bark so far.

    And third off, a couple of months ago i decided to try and sculpt something myself, and after blasting through the halos again i settled on a brute chieftain. The plan to have him laid dead them maybe try and have the master chief stood over him depending on how the brute turned out. Ive not done anything on him in a while after getting stuck and frustrated lol. Im hoping some advice on mjy struggles may motivate me again:

    Still got the arms, helmet, hammer and teeth/mouth to go. though got sick after binning several failed attempts at the helmet, the shape troubles me, any help would be great.

    Heres a link to what it should look like

    Sorry for the shoddy photos

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    Hey, decided to bump this thread up as ive found some fresh motivation and im finally making some progress with something, though not one of the 3 things mentioned above. They are things i started to challenge myself and break up the tedium of troop painting, and as it turns out i got distracted from the distractions and got back on a roll painting squads and so focused on that as it doesnt happen often. Now ive got bored again and a couple of weeks back the old death model caught my eye and i decided i wanted to have a go at painting it.

    After getting it Ive fallen in love the mini and decided it needed a fitting base, so want to put it in a little diorama. After going over all the usual gothic/graveyard type ideas in my head i went for something a little darker and sinister and opted to have it walking out of a rift in a hospital carpark and walking purposefully towards the buildings.

    This was my basic sketch of how the idea, but im going to focus on a much tighter spot than trying to make something that massive lol.

    Here's some of my progress from last night and today:

    The model itself

    Basic layout, the wall of the hospital will run diagonally across the corner

    I plan on using plasticard for the top "tarmac"and have some balsa to flesh it out underneath.

    Started on the door for the wall of the building whilst some milliput dried

    The black background is set back behind the clear plastic to try and add depth. First time trying something like this so advice would be nice, would i be better attempting to just paint the glass?

    Masked it up anyway, can always paint over it later if it looks naff lol.

    And the start of the crack in the ground.

    As im crap with straight neat long lines and i have a parking grid to get on there im considering giving it a quick prime white, then painting the surface yellow, marsking the grid off then priming the whole thing black. Though im worried this may make the lines that should be painted on to the tarmac, look like theyre below its level :/


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    Some progress if not alot. Working out the brick colour now and how to deal with a large area of tarmac without making it too grubby, I want them both to seem newish/well maintained, not something ive tackled before :s


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    Hey christmas is out of the way and ive reached a point where i need a break from skyrim so i decided to pick up my brush again. Though coming back to this, the thought of tackling all them bricks straight off made me feel faint lol, so ive decided to slap some paint on the actual mini! :O In a moment of madness i figured id try and do the scythe blade NMM, trouble is id already primed the model and started the robes, so there was no holding the metal under a light to see the highlight points. I tried with some similar shaped blades and photo references to give me an idea but was left kinda guessing with some bits. Anyway heres what ive got so far, would love any feedback on my progress and advice from anyone who has experience with NMM as this is my first "real" go after a couple of terrible rushed straight swords that ended up looking dusty grey lol. Also seems as im just winging it, some thoughts on how the placement looks, seems as accuracy is out the window id like to aim for whats aesthetically pleasing so it doesnt look to dull or over the top. Just generally what people think will look good

    Cheers Kris

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    its a little hard to tell due to the fact that the focus point isnt actually resting on the blade but from what i can see it looks flawless. the focus being elsewhere though is changing the exposure and depth of color so getting another pic with the focus on the blade would better enable me to critique and drool.


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    Yeah sorry, i have no idea where my gf has hidden her camera under hordes of cap after xmas lol so i took them with my phone. I was just happy to get it to focus on the mini at all after a million attempts where it focused on the desk behind lol so i ran with them :/


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    Bitter sweet now. After risking my first nmm adventure on the blade on this model and getting results that i was actually happy with at my level so far. I then had the deflation of remembering there was also the old armour plates to paint, which id wanted to do a very weathered dirty bronze. Not wanting to mix the nmm and metalics on one model i realised I would have to try and work out some sort of nmm aged bronze... and was completely out of my depth. Anyway i decided to be brave and try. Heres what i have so far, just the front 2 plates attempted, and now would like to see if anyone has any pointers to improve them and implement before i attempt the 3 pieces on the back :s

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    That broken road looks excellent.

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    Hey everyone, after a 3 odd year break I finally decided to get back into painting and made a post reintroducing myself a month or 2 ago, anyway after then going quiet again I finally got to a point where I've had a bit of time to get going again and have made some progress so thought I'd find this old thread and drag it from its grave.

    It was after getting into a few board games to pass some time with a couple of friends I got a craving to dig out my old toys lol. Anyway after digging out all my old crap and models and playing a spacey-navally game, I decided I'd find all of my old battlefleet gothic models from when I was a kid and also grab a few more from ebay. Most of what I used to paint on my last jaunt a few years back was GW Space Muhreens and a bit of SDE and the of random model I found interesting, and I'd never really touched the space ships since being about 14 so they were something new to me. But also the nice clean edges and not alot of complex detail or need to blend has been a nice learning curve getting me back into rythm.

    This is what I've got complete so far:

    Name:  20160421_133927.jpg
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    And this is the rest of the WIP and still to do:
    Name:  20160421_133807.jpg
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    Anyway, after spending 2 month painting a good bunch of angular models, I've finally got to a point where a wanted to give something softer a go with some flesh and clothes again. One of the boardgames one of my friends bought was Dreadball and he's been on at me to buy a team so I decided to do that. Also, 10 models for £16 was a bargain so why not. Got myself the Longrock Lifers convict set.

    Name:  20160421_115625.jpg
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    Just been prepping and cleaning them up so far, they're quite a soft plastic and i found filing and cutting to remove mold lines to be a bit of a pain in the backside, wonder if anyone has any pointers on that for the softer plastics?
    One thing it did come in handy for was it made them very easy to reshape after a little dip in hot water and then cold water to reset them which I did on a couple of the duplicate models to make the poses a little less uniform, a lot like resin. Never tried it with plastic before, maybe it works with any i don't know?
    Other than that I've just had a little play with some greenstuff to add a few more differences, hope to get painting them this week
    Name:  20160421_115915.jpg
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    The green space ships really look sharp. Welcome back to the hobby.

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