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Thread: How would you improve my model?

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    Default How would you improve my model?

    First off I'd just like to say I'm a complete beginner with no art background at all, so I'm basically starting at the absolute bottom.

    Here I have my first Ork, he's only the second model I've ever painted so bare that in mind when you offer your suggestions. Basically as long as I improve a little each model I'm happy, and he's definitely better than my first. What I think needs the most work is the weapons, they're a little boring and I'm looking for tips/tricks/advice on making them a little better, but bare in mind I am a total novice, so don't expect me to pull off advanced techniques. On this model I just base coated with Vallejo Gunmetal Metal then went over a few bits with Vallejo Chainmail followed by a Badab Black Wash.

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    Looking great for only your second mini!

    Regarding the weapons, firstly they could do with a few more washes to darken the recesses more. Thin your washes a bit & spend the time to put more layers on. Another quick way of adding some variation to them would be to simply wash different areas with a different coloured wash. As an example, this grot's gun ( )i painted in metallic, then used black wash for the inner parts (about 6 thin coats) then used devlan mud wash for the other areas (about 4 or so, thinned coats. I wanted these areas to be a bit lighter also) Finally i added a very slight edge-highlight with the original metal colour.

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    If you're just starting out, you should feel ruddy proud of where you're at. All very tidy.

    Those metals look fine. You could take 'em a stage further, picking out rims and tips with a bit of chainmail or silver - a bit of that on a brush, you can use the side of the brush, running that side along the edge of a rim.

    Those weapons in particular, they could benefit from a little diversity thrown in. The occasional rivet or plate of metal could be painted bronze. And/or a plate of metal could be painted in a colour as if the ork had slapped some paint on the bare metal himself.

    You seem to be well on the way with the ink washes. Though I noticed the blue wrist on the sword arm, you missed inking the underside. That'd be an organisation thing to get used to. Like how when cleaning the model of it's mold lines you follow the mold line all around the mini rather than just jumping in where there's a noticable line, so you don't leave a bit of mold line unattended to. You can do that with the inks too, dragging that ink all around the area and leading it to where it should be darkest.

    The next stage to start looking at would probably be the "highlighting". There's various ways to go about it. Could have a read of some of them on the Sticky Thread. Terms like edging, feathering, layering, and blending would be the ones to look at.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, definitely some things to think about. I will most likely start my 3rd model tomorrow and luckily my new lamp came today, it's basically the same one I have now so having double the light will really help me not miss those little bits, like the underside of the wrist (which I didn't even notice until you mentioned it). I only have one bronze color (Vallejo Bright Bronze) but even that would break up all the Gunmetal. As for highlighting I'm still a little scared of it, I did it on the arms as I hope you can see and I was happily with the result but the arms kinda tell you where to highlight, doing cloth and bits seems a little more complicated.

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    looking good man. that's a good table top quality there. my suggestions:

    use a darker metallic for the weapons, like boltgun metal wash it with like brown ink or something. they look a bit too bright shiny and new for an orc.
    the skull on his head could use a highlight. bleached bone mixed with skull white, go in and paint it around the eyes, nose and pick out the teeth. it'll give it a really nice pop. after youve done that u can blend it back together a bit with a quick wash of gryphonne sepia if you wish.
    i would color in the eyes again and put maybe a dot of white dead in the center. make them pop.
    and the brown leather could use a highlight of a lighter brown color then hit it with sepia again.

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