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    Question Simple bases, sugestions

    As some of you know ive been working on my cultists.

    Im now starting to think of what to do with the bases. My original thought was that the 3 without feet were going to be on a marble effect base and the two in sandles were going to be on a tarmac/gravel effect.

    Unfortunaly im not sure if that will possible, the bases of the 3 i filled with a wallfiller plaster and its not as smooth as i would have liked to paint a marble effect on. So i thought i would open up the floor to you wonderful people to suggest something interesting i could do.

    Im fairly new to painting so i dont want somethign very complicated. But other than that im open to sugestions.

    Thanks all

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    If you are going to be displaying them together or if you will be using them together in a game then keep all the bases finished in the same manner, it will be more visually appealing. If this is the last time they are all together then go to town. A little sanding with a flexible sanding stick should smooth the plaster right out, at least enough for marble effect or a tarmac. Many of the more artistic painters go to town on their bases, in fact bases can be a whole sub-hobby in their own right. I prefer simple bases.

    I like your tarmac idea, if you sand down the plaster a bit make sure it doesn't look to black as asphalt greys pretty quickly and be sure to paint some yellow or white lines to help identify it as tarmac/street/parking lot so that it doesn't look like you just decided to not finish the bases. If you want to get somewhat fancyish but keep it simple try painting the ground blue with part of a white wheelchair design under the cultist or partly on the edge of the base on one of them to indicate he's standing on a handicapped parking space (at least that's how they look here).

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    OK, well here in Canada (or at least Nova Scotia) the whole space is painted blue, but whatever works.


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    Thanks for the idea MPJ. I think i will go for the tarmac idea, this means that ill need to do a little modeling as the yellow lines are made out of a paste type paint that is raised up from the floor. Ill sort something out.

    Thanks again.

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    To be honest on that scale modeling a line of paint may be extreme, you could just try using the paint a bit thicker, or paint a very thin shade along one edge. Or even a line of PVA, it should dry out to near enough the scale for them road lines and then paint that?


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