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    i thought we could buy him:

    Cang the Implacable, Cool Mini Or Not 10th Anniversary Dragon (over 20 inches tall!) $249.99 during the month of August to celebrate our birthday, and $299.99 after.
    i can't find him in the store. i really want one but i cannae afford the full price so it's august or never

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    I think they're adding it to the store after GenCon.
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    I think that is bad marketing.

    If they say it is discounted and available throughout August then it should be.

    Afterall the month is 5 days old already, if they didn't plan to release it until next week after Gen Con is over then they should have said so.
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    I think it got overlooked, unfortunately.

    That bunch is very busy with the madness that is Gencon.

    I would think they'd honor the price, or extend the sale if need be.

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    i hope so, or they have lost a sale

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    This is going to be an expensive month either way. I just went crazy buying a ton of malifaux stuff. I hope other companies take notice of extending the gen con deals to their websites during the convention.

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    Hmmm. $249.99... but the Canadian dollar is above par at present, which is good for me... But I'm moving in 2 months and that's going to hurt financially...

    I need to win the lottery. That's all there is to it.

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