This month is a tough one so sadly i’m cutting the fat off my collection:
Without further ado...


Mercs All unpainted unless noted.

Magnus - £5
Renegade - £6 (this has had some conversion work done to it, legs + arms repositioned, missile cut off)
Talon - £6.50
Mangler - £10
Devil dogs box - £12
Taryn (part painted) - £5
Lanyssa Ryssyll - £5

I’ll let the whole Merc collection go for ≈10% less - £45

x2 Choir Acolytes –(part painted, one is missing a menofix) - £3

All are Mk1 so no cards (unless you want the black and white Mk1 cards)

Giant Rat 1 & Milliasaur 2 (unpainted)


These miniatures are REALLY old, one or two pre slotta, most from the Compedium 3, circa mid eighties. Alot differ have different names on the slotta to the catlogue name, i.e. Shaman is Labeled witch doctor and Back stabber is just labeled Ratman. All were painted with what looks like oils.

x4 fighters from this page, 2nd row 1st, 5th, 7th & 8th from left, solid base (painted)
Female Cleric from compedium 1: 2nd row, 2nd from left, solid base (painted)
Cleric From Compendium 2: 1st row 2nd from left, solid base(painted)
High Elves
x2 from Compendium 2: 1st and 2nd from right, solid base (Painted)
Gazrus Solid base 1984 (painted)
Ratmen (Skaven)
Backstabber, Slaver and Clan Retainer (painted)
Puff, Shaman, Og and Arg(missing spear top) (painted)
Chaos Knight adventure pack (missing horse, lance and one shield)(painted)

…TBC… I have more yet to identify/find

All Prices are excluding postage.I have a good trader rating on both warseer and eBay under TomxJ so don’t hesitate to look me up

Thanks for looking!


Tom j