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    Default The Mad Robot Needs Sculptors!

    Mad Robot Miniatures is looking for experienced sculptors for freelance work. Ranges are Sci-Fi and fall into 15mm and 28-30mm scales. If you are interested go to for more info about who we are and what we're currently up to. You can also send me an email or PM or whatever...

    Please be ready to discuss some business stuff and have a link to a viewable portfolio of your work. We are collecting names and getting to know as many folks as possible so we can have a list to draw from as projects progress.
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    Do you require a Sculpt of the Concept you have on your Website...?... Kinda tricky that one, expeciatelly in 15 mm... If you ever have some Machinery to Sculpt I would love to give it a try, not so sure about Organic Sculpts though...^-^... Still gotta learn how to do it on a Professional Level...
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    @Matt: No the stuff shown on the blog is currently in production. Send me an email with your info and some pics of your work. I have a range of robots planned but it may be a little while before I start them. I will keep your info on file and contact you when the time comes and see if you're intersted.


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