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Thread: Miniature Exchange 27

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    Hi my package to Wingz will be sent tommorow, dont know how long time for traveling to the states. We will see
    I have sent my adress and contact information to crystella333.

    Wondering is there ever a WIP thread showing eventual process of recived minatures? I will promise to make one WIP on one figure that I recieve, Perhaps to have one WIP where we all post our progress?


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    Package sent to Australia today by airmail! Six to ten business days away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarreknoire View Post
    Received package from Painterboyroy today, thank you... hopefully cucaiothegreat will receive theirs shortly...

    From Painterboyroy
    Chaos Knight Mounted
    Space Marine - Black Templar I think
    molded bases, plus shrubbery
    Mutant kneeling -never seen anything like it ;-)
    Familiars - classic GW ones - very cool
    Pumpkin man figure
    LARGE inquisitor figure (54mm scale I think) very NICE.. gonna make it into a statue for my 40k RPG for mechanis

    Thank you Painterboyroy, just wish i knew how to upload photos...
    That good, glad you like, Yes GW SM Black Templar
    Not sure what the mutant is lol..54 mm is GW Inquistor game The Dephan Gruss miniature.
    Pumpkin is a 'Spyglass' Scarecrow

    ME is a great idea love it.



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    Crystella333 you mail box is full. Can't send a pm. Package is on its way. Will send you tracking code when mail box is empty. Greetings

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    Hi, In Chigh. I wonder what it will be. Greetz...

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    I havent recieved any reply from Crystella333 yet.

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    @ Mario.Morrhaye
    Thank you very much, your package arrived this morning and I love all what you sent me especially the orky weirdboy.

    Your package will be going out in the morning post. Sorry its abit late but just been alittle bit busy and not had a chance to sort things out.

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    Received today my parcel from Tarreknoire.
    A lot of great miniatures in
    I have taken a pic (with mobile phone, so please forgive low quality...)

    Name:  Foto0004.jpg
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Size:  386.5 KB

    Many thanks for another great ME!

    @A Luna - still trying to find time to go to post office and send your parcel. At worst, it will be next saturday, when I'm free from work commitments. Sorry for delay.

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    @ Inchigh, your package arrived this morning. Love what you send me! Thank! Will post picture later. No time yet...

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    Just sent out my parcel to A Luna via registered mail.
    You should receive it soon. I hope you will find some interesting miniature in.

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    lol! I just ran into a hiccup. For those sending/receiving international - when you send your address, please be sure to include your real name. It's required for the Customs forms - nicknames or "Grandma" won't pass customs. So I doubt a CMON handle will either. I was all set to ship when I found that out and now I have to wait until I hear back from my recipient. Unless gohkm has it. hmmm...I might just drop him a quick PM too and see which one comes in first.

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    Default Package from TrystanGST arrived today!

    Name:  miniexchange27.JPG
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    I just came home to a splendid surprise! Thank you to TrystanGST for my minis!
    Some great micro art studio skull bases, a cool rackham knight, GW Vlad Von Carstein and a classic GW beastman. Thanks TrystanGST! These will make some great characters for my next campaign. Can't wait for ME28!

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    Ive been bad. Just sent my package off today! should receive it in the next 4-5 day. Still haven't received mine yet. Almost didnt make it to the post office to mail them out. Decided to take a small nap this morning and didnt wake up till 4:30 and the post office closes @ 5. But i made it in time!

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    Recieved my package from Beowulfthehunter this morning, thanks! Will post pics when I get home from work. Some really nice reaper minis, and what I think is a privateer press mini, loads of bits and stuff and a really cool dice.

    Edit- Photos

    In there is a reaper “Torch” McHugh, IMEF Flame Thrower, Reaper sandwoman, and Warcaster Commander Coleman Stryker frim PP.
    Cannot identify this mini though

    2 really good orky heads and some nice wings for conversion too
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    Still have to send my package, sorry for the delay. I'll throw in a couple of things for you to enjoy to make the waiting worth it.
    Ever smoked weed?
    Alright alright, won't send you that...
    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    i prefer to get two miniatures and rub them around on my gaming bobos.
    Totally going for #1 -->

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    " answer to Crystella 333" That is not a problem. I have had a lot to do myself. Sadly not the time that I wish for doing any painting, not even looking at other peoples work.

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    Okay Kalidane, your package was sent out Friday, First Class International. I hope it doesn't get stuck in customs for too long. It's been taking about 30 days for me to receive something from the UK, but they have been cracking down on our mail coming in from overseas. So hopefully yours will get there soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Luna View Post
    Still have to send my package, sorry for the delay. I'll throw in a couple of things for you to enjoy to make the waiting worth it.
    Ever smoked weed?
    Alright alright, won't send you that...
    Ever smoked weed? Read this thread:

    Cheers dude, i look forward to your package of goodies

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    Awesome Package arrived from WingZ today, too much to list at the moment. Picture to follow soon. . . . .

    Thanks again!!

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