Dawnlord Vyros, Privateer Press 2011 Grandmaster Winner
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Thread: Dawnlord Vyros, Privateer Press 2011 Grandmaster Winner

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    Default Dawnlord Vyros, Privateer Press 2011 Grandmaster Winner

    Hello again,

    I love the look of the Retribution of Scyrah from Privateer Press. It's a cleaner look than most of the other lines and I love the blue/green and white color scheme.
    I removed the bird from the original model and made the banner out of brass rod, aluminum, paper clips and some other Retribution bits I had on hand. The painting went pretty quick, for me. The base is sculpted from Aves Apoxie sculpt and is meant to be the statue he is standing on in the artwork on the cover of the army book. The positioning was a bit odd but it worked out well enough in the end and despite being among some really fantastic pieces it won a gold in single figure and was the overall winner as well.

    And the voting link for those so inclined : http://www.coolminiornot.com/285690


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    Congrats on the win . As always the painting is top notch, but the figure is just ergh!

    I just don't like these Retribution minis, but you cant please everyone.

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    don;t like the mini either but tis a lovely pj

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    Ditto on the miniature not being one of my favorites. That entire faction really just is ugly to me. You definitely made a gem out of it tho. Nice job!

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    I too must join in on the hatred for the mini and the range, but DAMN SON! Nice work. The banner from the freehand to the banner pole itself is great. Nice work on the braided/embroidered look on the border of the tapestry.

    One minor quibble and maybe others may disagree but I find my eyes drawn to the banner top as the focus of the mini. I think 'cause of the cool colours and the warm red on the banner. Like I say, pretty minor. Point being I personally like it when the face of the mini is the focus.

    Clearly you're a great painter! I look forward to browsing through your gallery and trying to rip off ideas. Shamelessly I might add!

    Great job!

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    Great job on this mini Zach. The armor is gorgeous! And as usual, the freehand is top notch. Congratz on the win! 10 from me
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    Thank you Scott and Jeff. I see what you mean Scott, The big gold piece on the colors doesn't help either. I'll have to keep a closer eye on that in the future. Looking forward to seeing you complete the Obsidian Sphinx Jeff.


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