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    Hiya Folks!

    I have some finecast models that I will be building and painting soon, and I'm just wondering about preparation.
    I will be washing them, no matter what GW say about whether they need that or not.
    They say not to use files or sand paper on them though, one of the local staffers said to use a wet emory nail board, so I will try and find one of those.

    Any other tips for getting them ready for painting?
    I'm guessing mold lines will go with a knife as usual, I'm just a bit worried about the amount of stuff they seem to have on the surface that I'd normally look at filing.

    I'd love some advice from someone who's already painted some!



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    I've found finecast easy to prep. The main issue I've had has been with failed mouldings.

    I use my knife on flash, injection moulds and mould lines. The only thing I would use my files on is to tidy up where I have snipped bits off the sprue. Wet emory board would work well here as the grade is finer but my files have been fine tbh.

    Parts glue real nicely.

    If you have small bubbles they can be filled with super glue.

    You'll be fine if the casting is ok.

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    Yeah after I bought the models, I opened them and went through them very carefully to make sure there weren't any miscasts.
    As it happened, there were on the LOC, also a missing head. So I was given a replacement straight away.

    I'm definitely looking forward to painting these!

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    I've had a few now, and like Will said, as long as you've got a clean cast you should be O.K.

    I'm happy with the ones I've gotten.

    P.S. I file them just like plastic (if needed). Yeah, I know about resin dust and all that. I'm not snorting the stuff LOL
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    And it's not 'resin' resin. It's a resin/plastic compound resulting in larger particulate. I'm guessing less infiltration is a good thing as far as lungs are concerned.
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