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    Default Slayer Sword Germany 2011: The Return Of The Warlord - Two Sides Of The Coin...

    Hi Di Ho!

    One Day after it´s Release on our Massive Voodoo Blog ( it is time to present Our Slayer Sword Winning Diorama to the World / coolminiornot....... It really is about time and I am personally very pleased to "close" the Documentation, that took around 2 1/2 Weeks to complete... Hundreds of Hours of Packing Out, Arriving, Dusting, Setting Up, Improvising and Borrowing Equipment, making Videos and Experimentally Documenting the Project allows us to proudly present the Slayer Sword Diorama "The Return Of The Warlord - Two Sides Of The Medal", just for you...... Yaaaaaay...

    This Thread serves to show a couple of Pictures that have not been included in the CMON Gallery Picture, so you can have a Good, Close Look on everything once again here... Also, I have decided to make 2 Pictures of this Project, something that I would have never done normally, but since there is so much to see and the two scenes are so big I have decided to split them, so you can get into the different moods more easily...

    So, please take your seat, cancel your appointments, for the next 30 Minutes I will try to make your little break from Reality really worthwhile...... I recommend at least 1 big Cup of Tea and a Cookie (Double Chocolate with Additional Sugar Coated Chocolate Chips in it...) to go through all of this, hehe... The Pictures are Really Humongeously Big, so you can see how Sloppily it is painted......

    It has been a loooong Journey after all and if my Monkey Brain is not tricking me I have spend around 2 years of planning and working on that one... The Idea developed from the basic Idea to Work with a Song Title once again, so I chose "Return Of The Warlord" by Manowar (a good source for Miniature Projects, it seems......) but it quickly got twisted around through a lot of very different influences... I have Drawn a lot of Scetches before having started anything, then eventually I began to think about the Mechanical component, the Viewpoints, the Characters and the Details...

    It is not easy to describe all the thoughts behind this thing, even harder to explain what exactly it "does", so please have a Close Look at the Two Videos We made to start with...

    360° View accompanied by Some Sweet Music...

    The Mechanism And Melody...

    Welcome back...^_^... People keep on asking me how I came up with the Idea and all I can say it that I think that I did not really came up with it... It was more like I found, or chanelled it from a Starting Point (the Music...) and used a lot, lot, lot of different influences (spanning from Stanley Kubricks Space Odyssey 2001, the Inception Making Of to Music Tracks, Comic Books, Ancient Inventors, Bicycles, Coffe Grinders, Found Boxes, Berlin, etc., etc.) to Spin and Exaggerate the Idea on and on and on... Of course my Mentor and Brother in Paint Ben Komets has had a HUGE, Invaluably important Part in this once again, since we always Work on an Idea Together and influence one anothers Ideas... This is the resulting Brain Child of both of us...

    But let´s head back to the Description, the "What exactly is Going on??" Part... I think it is best to Describe the Diorama with a little Tale, so it stays interesting for you to read...

    The Life Scene:

    The Warlord. The Piper. The Money. The Flower. The Carrott. Each stands for a certain aspect that is needed to Plan, Maintain and Execute War. The Piper is the Propaganda, that tranquilizes Consciousness and Critical Worry. The Money finances the War, buys New Weapons and lubricates certain processes. The Warlord is the Brain that makes sure that War is Guided in the Direction deemed necessary. The Flower is Sweet, makes an awful thing taste great and lures people calmy and softly into damnation. Last scene of all, That ends this strange fellowship: the Carrott. Being the Stick that ferociously beats the foe, this Aspect executes the Will of it´s Masters, dim and dull, chewing his Carrot, marching one Step after another closer to the Edge. It is a Sunny Day. The Villagers are all ever supportive, eagerly throwing flowers in front of the Iron Hooves of the Steam driven Horse. An early Nuthatch found the Worm that it will now happily feed to it´s kin. The Children are trying to get a glimpse on the Glorious Procession in all it´s Shiny Pride. It is a Good Day, an Important Day. Bagpipers Play the Tunes of War. War is Coming.

    The Death Scene:

    The Warlord has returned. His Endevours were a Great Success, for many foes have been slain by his hand. He bravely fought with his sword. His Duty for Country and Crown is now fulfilled. He died a glorious death on one of the numerous Battlefields. "Come back with your shield or on it.", some have said. Now he is finally rested on his Cart that brings him on a last Parade to display his glorious Victory for everyone to see. A Medal has been rewarded to him for his braveness. The People from the Life Scene have now changed, they have been de-Humanized into Objects. The Bagpipes lie in the Mud, ripped open to release it´s last Whistle into the Night. Money is of no Value when you can´t buy Bread that has not have been Harvested, not even planted on the fields. The Banker has lost it on his way into the Cold Waters in which he was thrown in for supporting the Warlord. The Flowers are long rotten, the Fruit and Vegetables now turned back to Dust. Men, Women and Children have died, leaving others back. The Rain has started some days ago and doesn´t seem to end. The once bright Future is now rattled, uncertain like the Flip side of the Medal.

    The House: The House itself is build as an metaphor on Life and Death as well... If you look at it with a little bit of imagination you might be able to recognize the different parts as Head, Breast, Stomach and -well- maybe also it´s Butt where the Chimney is... At first, Home is enclosed and safe, Warm and Protected through the Roof, the Wooden Floor and the cosy Furniture... War destroys homes as it destroys Humans, so the House on the Death Side is Burned, the Wooden Floor came crashing down giving it the appearance of a ribcage, the Rain is coming in from Outside, it´s Cold and the home is cracked open, so the Little Orphan of War has to seek Shelter underneath the Eating Table...

    Some Crazy Details to Look at: The Composition on Both Sides is absolutely Balanced... The Weight is exactly the same for both Scenes (had to do it in order to allow the Mechanism a smooth spin without one side being "overweight"...)...

    In addition, the Composition is More or Less the same on both sides with an Element standing for it´s Counterpart on the other Side... The Death Side can be seen as a kind of a Dimensional Reflection of the Life Side...

    The Colors in the Life Side are Warm while the Death Side sports a Cold Palette... I achieved this Effect by using a Yellow and a Blue Foundation Color and using Yellow for the Light and a little bit of Green for the Death Highlights... This resulted in a somewhat Nightmarish Atmosphere, an unreal, spectral Procession in which the Characters appear more like Ghosts then like Mourning Villagers...

    The Little Boy is the Son of the Bagpiper, they share the same Medieval Cap...^_^... I have decided to get rid of his Sister, because she was Stupid (with that idiotic Mega Ribbon of hers... that´s just Wrong...)... Pieces of her Vegetable Sales Stand are used to barricade the Door in the Death Scene...

    The Life Scene includes a lot of Details that represent Life (surprise, surprise...), e.g. Vegetables, Eggs, Children, Warm Colors, Flowers, Happiness, Music, Flowing Water and so on, while the Death Scene shows decaying Elements, Burned Wood, Rain, Dirt, Trash, Rotten Fruits, Skulls, Broken Weapons... There is an Orange in the Life Scene that is a Homage to the Godfather Films... Whenever there is an Orange involved something terrible will happen shortly after......

    The Scenes are not ment to represent a Continous Scene (the "Return of the Warlord"...), but a Different Reality in Another Dimension... The Scenes are more likely to take place at the same time...

    Aaaand... The Tunnel Ceiling from the Lowered Side is used as the Upper Sides Sewers Bottom...^_^... You can find Mice happily feasting in the Gutter......

    A bit about the Mechanism: As long as the Melody is playing you are supposed to Curb the Curb. I have found the Melody after a nearly impossible journey through a couple of Children Toy Stores in Berlin... I was close to giving it up after an unholy hail sermon of "Happy Birthdays" and "Wedding Marches" until I have finally discovered this one stored in the "Rock & Roll" Section...

    In case you missed it... The Diorama is obviously a critical comment on War as a subject in Wargaming Dioramas, that we see mostly, in the past, presence, hopefully not so much in the Future. It shows what War means, what it brings, that there always is Shadow where you see Light, always another Side of the Medal. No Victor without the Defeated, no Win in Victory. Everyone loses.

    In addition, I find it important to say that I would like to Strongly encourage Painters to Work on their own Versions of Micro Mechanic Dioramas (hope that this doesn´t demotivate you, hehe......), but to be careful NOT to fall into the Klischee Trap to start building small moveing Miniatures, Arms, Swords, Vehicles, Blinking Flashy LED Lights and so on... This work is all about the Perspective and the Chance in Perspective... The Scenes stay the same all the time... I am very interested in seeing something Nice in the Future from you Guys...^_^... There can never be enough and even if you doubt your own Abilities, if you have a Great Idea you have to give it a try... The Idea is the Most important part about our Beautiful Hobby and where True Creativity Lies... Give it a try, don´t say it´s impossible or too Weird... Believe in yourself, your Project and do it Step by Step... It will be Great if you invest real passion...

    To Conclude this Thread I would like to show to you some Experimental Way of Presenting Miniatures... Let´s call it the Juju Slider of The Before and The After... ... (I got the Idea after seeing some B & A Tsunami Satellite Footage, which is a very sad topic, but at least that´s where the Idea came from...)...

    Juju Slider Of The Before And The After Front View...

    Juju Slider Of The Before And The After Back...

    I used Adobe Flash to Create the *.swf File from Two Pictures that had the same Perspective (more or less...)... It is a great way to compare Elements that are Build the Same but painted differently...

    And last but not least:

    Please feel free to check out the Gallery Links and to leave a Comment over there as well...... Thank you very much for your Time indeed......

    So this is the Vote Link to the Life Scene...

    And This Is the Votey Link for The Death Scene...

    Greetings to the CMON Members I have had the pleasure meeting at the Pre Dinner and the Meeting in the Hotel Lobby shortly before the GD Germany... Monkeyman Chris, John, The Platoon Britannica Couple, skelettets, the Spanish Armada around Volomir, the French Friends that came with Valerié, keith from the Eavy Metal Team, Steve from Forge World, Brian Anderson and a lot, lot more that I forgot to mention...^_^...

    You can see the Diorama Live if you come to Berlin (since it will be Exhibited in the Games Workshop in Spandau first, then eventually it will find it´s way to the Brand New Battlefield Berlin Store... The Next Show I will be attending it the Monte San Savino Show in Italy in November, so excited about that... Thanks a lot for all your time and I hope you enjoy the Diorama......

    Thank you for your Time Actually Reading all this...... Have a Great Week...
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    Simply Wonderful......

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    Wow. So much thought and effort. Bravo. This certainly is going to raise the bar to a new height. Well done!
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    im in awe that is just a splendid piece of mechanical engineering and art!

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    Incredible work as always. I look forward to more.

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    Phenomenal. Hugely demotivating (waaah I can never do something like this!) and at the same time hugely inspiring (waaaah but I want to try!) There are so many messages and subtle points contained in the diorama. It's not really about how well designed or painted it is (although of course it is extremely well designed and painted) but about the message behind it and the thought processes that went into making it. Sir - I salute you. Absolutely wonderful.

    *edit* incidentally, wonderful choice of music. It fits the tone of the diorama perfectly.
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    I salute you sir
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
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    WOW...I must say that the pics make me drool looking at all the details. It just never ends, there is always something look at in awe! I can only image what it looks like in person......thank you for sharing with us!

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    getting to see this WIP on your workdesk was definitely one of the coolest hobby moments I've ever had

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    Now that is one crazy piece of work. Crazy in a good way

    All the little details and the very idea is awesome. Very nice indeed.

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    The best work of miniature art I have ever seen. My wife, who appreciates minis, but would not consider them art gave the ultimate compliment when she said "Now that I would spend money on and display in our house proudly." Bravo sir!

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    Thinking out of the box with new ideas is always appreciated. You might have to consider coming to Crystal Brush. If you are going to spend so much time and effort on painting, might as well get paid for it, $10,000 should be a good motivator, now that you already got yourself a sword

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    I give it a 13. 10/11/12 just wouldn't convey how awesome this is.
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    This was insane good. I love the "2 sides of the coin". The begining is so full of hope, the other side was dispare at the loss of the hero. Just beautifully done and perfect artwork. You are a true artist.

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    Thanks for the detailed description and all the pics. This is above and beyond painting minis. People like you turn a normal hobby into something much, much more! What a great piece of ART! 10+
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    Utterly astounding piece of work does not even begin to describe the level of brilliance this piece conveys.

    A new bar has been set as the old one was smashed to pieces.

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    As artistic expression goes, this is perfectly executed. This is what people should aspire to if not to equal, to exceed. Bravo indeed!

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