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    Cool 3rd Annual Movie-Quotes Quiz

    Another year gone so welcome to Einion's Annual Movie-Quotes Quiz 2011™

    As with previous years' quizes the bulk of the quotes are from big films including some blockbusters, so there's a decent chance that the majority have heard most of these at least once, but there are a few from smaller films to keep things interesting.

    Like always I've done my best to ensure these are all word-for-word perfect, to frustrate any who might be tempted to get Google to 'help'

    The first ten are the easy crowdpleasers and things get a little harder after that, ending with some I think are really tough.

    For 1-10 actor and movie please, they are the easiest ones after all.


    1. "Yeah, and monkeys might fly outta my butt."
    Mike Myers, Wayne's World (TrystanGST)

    2. "You didn't say that the goddamned rendezvous was in a fuckin' basement.... You know, fightin' in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one of which is you're fightin' in a basement."
    Brad Pitt, Inglorious Basterds (cfwheeler58)

    3. "It's okay, I didn't get it the first time either.... There is no secret ingredient; it's just you."
    Jack Black, Kung Fu Panda (cfwheeler58)

    4. "Say hello to The Prospector! ...He's mint in the box, never been opened!"
    Joan Cusack, Toy Story 2 (TomasP)

    5. "...now zis afternoon we 'ave monsieur's fahvorit, ze jugged hare. Ze hare is verry high and ze sauce is verrry rich; with truffles, anchovies, Grand Marnier, backon and cream."
    John Cleese, The Meaning Of Life (Routaporsas)

    6. "...which leads to Rule #4. Pretty basic... fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride."
    Jessie Eisenberg, Zombieland (cfwheeler58)

    7. "Now why didn't anybody think of that before?! It's so stupid it's positively brilliant. Oh but it'll bring every goon in the camp down on top of us."
    Gordon Jackson, The Great Escape (cfwheeler58)

    8. "Yeah, lucky... that was... you just killed a helicopter with a car."
    Justin Long, Live Free Or Die Hard (cfwheeler58)

    9. ""All my instincts, they return; the grand facade, so soon will burn; without a noise, without my pride; I reach out from the inside.... In your eyes; the light, the heat; I am complete; the resolution; of all the fruitless searches; oh I wanna be that complete, I wanna touch the light, the heat I see in your eyes.""
    John Cusack/Peter Gabriel, Say Anything (McKenna35)

    10. "What I'm saying is - and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form - is that men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way."
    Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally (WoodenBadger)

    11. "You weigh a little more than a-hundred-and-eight."
    Michael Keaton, Batman (armornv)

    12. "Your happiness and positive perception of me is vital to my existence. Besides, it is not every day that a father can give the world to his child."
    Dan Aykroyd, Coneheads (cfwheeler58)

    13. "I remember when I took that job, thinkin' I could fight the good fight from the inside and you tellin' me about all the problems. That colour thing: too black for the uniform, too blue for the brothers, 'bout how justice gets tangled up in red tape or just bought off by the green. You were right. Fuck that job, fuck the badge. I'll get that silver-spoon motherfucker and I'm gonna get 'im my own way; no lawyers, no politics, no rules, no regulations."
    Samuel L. Jackson, Shaft (Conium Maculatum)

    14. "I thought synthetics were supposed to be all logical an' shit you just a big ol' psycho girl!"
    Ron Perlman, Alien Resurrection (Conium Maculatum)

    15. "Oh a counter-offer; that's what we lawyers, I'm a lawyer, we lawyers call that a counter-offer. Lemme see, dis is a tough decision you gimme here: get my ass kicked or collect $200... hmm, wha'd'you think? ...I could use a good ass kickin' I'll be very honest wit' you... mmmm... nah, I think I'll just go with the 200."
    Joe Pesci, My Cousin Vinny (Spoontoes)

    16. *sigh* "So you just thought you'd come out here, to the most hostile environment known to man and... see how it went?"
    Sigourney Weaver, Avatar (armornv)

    17. "Because yesterday I walked out of the joint after losing four years of my life and you're cold-decking Teen Beat cover boys... because the house always wins, play long enough you never change the stakes the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along you bet big and then you take the house."
    George Clooney, Ocean's 11 (Conium Maculatum)

    18. "Shut up and sit down you big bald fuck.... I don't like leaving my own country Doug and I especially don't like leaving it for anything less than warm sandy beaches and cocktails with little straw hats."
    Dennis Farina, Snatch (TrystanGST)

    19. "Shut that cunt's mouth or I'll come over there and fuck-start her head."
    Ryan Phillippe, The Way Of The Gun (WoodenBadger)

    20. "Some of you... perhaps myself... will not live to see the sun set over these mountains today.... But I say to you, what every warrior has known since the beginning of time: conquer your fear and I promise you you will conquer death."
    Colin Farrell, Alexander (cfwheeler58)

    21. "Listen, the next time that you're worried about manners, don't. If you want to call, call. Just think of me as yourself, only with a vagina."
    Vera Farmiga, Up In The Air (cfwheeler58)

    22. "Dipshit? Did you call moi a dipshit? Grab this guy I can't believe he called me that. Now who's the dipshit you jock douchebag?"
    Edward Furlong, Terminator 2 (noneedforaname)

    23. "Silver bullets my ass!"
    James Murtaugh, The Howling (McKenna35)

    24. "This here's the eagle-butt Peacemaker. Solid ivory handle, Mexican emblem; only 30 of these ever made.... And this is the uh, customised Remington New Model, Army .44. It's probably more accurate than your Colt. Had the wooden handles removed and replaced with solid silver. Used with great success on um thirty-s... no, thirty-five bank robberies by its late owner.... And this, well this is the best help a man can get: the Smith & Wesson Schofield .45, just meat an' potatoes. Me and Jesse James think it's the best handgun in the world. Had the trigger-guard removed, it saves drawin' time, but don't ever wear it when you're drunk or you'll kill your feet."
    Leonardo Dicaprio, The Quick And The Dead (Conium Maculatum)

    25. "If there's on thing I know it's when someone is lying. Man in my position it's all he has to go on... to know a lie when he hears it; difference between life and death, your own, someone else's. That being said, he wasn't lying."
    Ben Kingsley, Lucky Number Slevin (WoodenBadger)

    Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop II (dolenmorgul)

    27. "Sir, the truth is I talk to God all the time, and no offence but he never mentioned you."
    Matthew Broderick, Ladyhawke (10 ball)

    28. "Well he made a mistake, you made a mistake... when you went after my little girl that was entirely unacceptable."
    Clint Eastwood, Absolute Power (cfwheeler58)

    29. "Trembling, confused, despairing, limber, dry, a wishing, weak, unmoving lump I lie. This... dart of love whose piercing point oft tried, with virgin blood 10,000 maids have died now languid lies in this unhappy hour, shrunk up, and sapless, like a withered flower huh-huh."
    Johnny Depp, The Libertine (WoodenBadger)

    30. "Ernest Hemingway once wrote: 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part."
    Morgan Freeman, Se7en (WoodenBadger)

    31. "Love and kisses on all your pink parts."
    Christian Slater, Kuffs (McKenna35)

    32. "It's a Soviet MIRV-6, from an SS22-N launch vehicle. The warhead contains 14.5 kilograms of enriched uranium, with a plutonium trigger. The nominal yield is 30 kilotons [in Arabic] release her and I'll cooperate."
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, True Lies (armornv)

    33. "You're short, your bellybutton sticks out too far and you're a terrible burden on your poor mother."
    Bill Murray, Ghostbusters 2 (WoodenBadger)

    34. "Some of you know me already, those of you who don't... are in for a great big fuckin' surprise. And those of you who do can expect an infinitely more horrible time than they care to remember. Any man here steps out of line and I will kill him stone dead, it will not worry me in the slightest! There are no Queen's regulations here. So when I say jump you ask how high, do I make myself clear? ...I WANT TO HEAR IT DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!"
    Jack Watson, The Wild Geese (WoodenBadger)

    35. "You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone... you will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life... will be seen through mine.... The son becomes the father and the father becomes the son."
    Brandon Routh, Superman Returns (Cyn)

    36. "Huh, tell me about an ambush? You tell me about an ambush, I just ambushed you with a cup of coffee!"
    Robert DeNiro, Ronin (TrystanGST)

    37. "You got the right to remain silent so shut the fuck up okay? You got the right to an attorney, if you can't afford an attorney we will provide you with the dumbest fuckin' lawyer on Earth... if you get Johnny Cochran I'll kill ya."
    Chris Rock, Lethal Weapon 4 (dolenmorgul)

    38. "Listen, I... I appreciate this whole, seduction scene you've got going, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing. Okay?"
    Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman (McKenna35)

    39. "You're tasting a little bland lover, are you getting enough fatty acids in your diet? Have you tried lake trout, mackerel?"
    Parker Posey, Blade Trinity (WoodenBadger, honourable mention to Kris370)

    40. "Now the question on the table is how drunk is drunk enough? And the answer is that it's all a matter of brain cells... you see every drink of liquor you take kills a thousand brains cells. But that doesn't much matter because we got billions more. An' first the sadness cells die, so you smile real big. And then the quiet cells go so you just say everything real loud for no reason at all, but that's okay, that's okay because the stupid cells go next so everything you say is real smart.... And finally, come the memory cells... these are tough sons o' bitches to kill."
    Matt Damon, The Legend Of Bagger Vance (WoodenBadger)

    41. "You're a big man but you're out of shape. With me it's a full-time job now behave yourself."
    Michael Caine, Get Carter (Spoontoes)

    42. "It will happen this way: you may be walking... maybe, the first sunny day in the spring; and a car will slow beside you and a door will open and someone you know, maybe even trust, will get out of the car; and he will smile, a becoming smile... but he will leave open the door of the car and offer to give you a lift."
    Max Von Sydow, Three Days Of The Condor (cfwheeler58)

    43. "Further.... You said my skills extend farther than the basketball court; farther relates to distance, further is a definition of degree. You should have said further."
    Rob Brown, Finding Forrester (cfwheeler58)

    44. "Do I o-ffend?"
    Jon Cryer, Pretty In Pink (WoodenBadger)

    45. "Suddenly I was thrown into a state a shock. Kit was the most trigger-happy person I'd ever met. He'd claim that as long as you're playin' for keeps and law's comin' atcha it's considered okay to shoot all witnesses. You had to take the consequences though and not whine about it later."
    Sissy Spaceck, Badlands (WoodenBadger, with thanks for correction - Kit, not Kip)

    46. "But look, the week before I met you I nailed two crooked real-estate agents and a guy who was beating his kids to death so if some Houdini wants to snatch a couple of swirls of paint that are really only important to some very silly rich people I don't really give a damn."
    Dennis Leary, The Thomas Crown Affair (McKenna35)

    47. "Hey I understand, don't worry about it I... I tell you the truth, I'm envious, wish I had someone who was in my every thought, somebody I could spend all my time with, somebody I could really respect... hey look at the cans on that bimbo."
    Adrian Zmed, Bachelor Party (WoodenBadger)

    48. "Danny, slap him... with the right Danny, properly... no, no, no, no come on do it properly, with the back of the right hand... slap him.... Nuhhh for fuck... like dis [whack] now, if you can master a slap like dat there's no need for your clients to 'old back, they will open up like a fountain, full o' words. No need for strong violence, no no. They're transpor'ed back to their childhood, putty in yer 'ands."
    Mark Strong, RocknRolla (Spoontoes)

    49. "I'm sorry, I I'm I'm appalled. I mean I'm surprised you left those killer bees off the list, that <laugh> that'd be a good one. How 'bout <laughs> how 'bout Canada?"
    Alan Alda, Canadian Bacon

    50. "There it's beginning to come through.... Now what's the date? What's the date? ...December... there it is! December 22nd! 22nd of December, there it is!"
    James Stewart, Call Northside 777


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    Bookmarked in case I need it.


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    No1:has to be Waynes world.
    No4ne of the toy story movies
    No5:month pythons meaning of life
    No8:die hard 4
    No19:dusk til Dawn
    No22:terminator 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einion View Post

    1. Wayne's World
    5. Meaning of Life
    9. This is a movie? It's the lyrics from Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes"
    18. Snatch
    24. Boondock Saints 2
    28. Taken

    SO many sound familiar, but I refuse to Google LOL
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    Just running out the door, will be checking back in on Monday!

    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST
    SO many sound familiar, but I refuse to Google LOL
    Good for you. You might find it helps surprisingly little anyway...


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    32. Lord of war?
    "Yes, yes, yes. Woman are in awe of his manhood and men swoon in his wake. Truly he is a legend in his own mind."

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    11, 20, 25, 26, 27, 48 and especially 37 are driving me nuts. I know them, I just can't remember where!
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    No. 4: Toy Story 2 - It's all I got...

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    I'm guessing now, but:
    36 - Ronin
    38 - Bridesmaids
    48 - Layer Cake
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    No 16.... Avatar perhaps?

    OOH OOH and number 11: Batman....the one with Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. which i guess would have been the first one. Not counting any Adam West stuff

    32: True Lies!!!
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    14 might be will smith in irobot
    17. Edward Norton in rounders
    32. Arnold swartzaneggrr in true lies
    34 Russell crow in the commander ... Not sure on the movie name

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    8. Die Hard 4
    9. Say Anything
    10. When Harry Met Sally
    13. Training Day ?
    16. Avatar
    22. Terminator 2
    23. The Howling #1
    31. Kuffs
    32. True Lies
    35. Superman #1 with Christopher Reeves
    38. Pretty Woman
    46. The Thomas Crowne Affair w/ Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo (and the quote is from Dennis Leary)

    There's some others that I'm beating my head trying to remember!


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    2. Inglourious Basterds
    5. Meaning of Life
    6. ZombieLand
    8. Die Hard 4.0
    10. When Harry Met Sally
    11. Batman (The Michael Keaton one)
    15. My cousin Vinnie
    16. Avatar
    18. Snatch (?)
    19. Snatch (?)
    20. LOTR - 3rd One
    24. Young Guns (?)
    31. Uncle Buck
    34. Full Metal Jacket?
    38. Pretty Woman
    41. Get Carter
    42. Knight and Day
    44. Breakfast Club (?)
    47. Roxanne
    48. Rock'n'Rolla

    I spend entirely too much time watching movies.

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    18 is snatch. Can't remember the actors name.
    19 is resivoir dogs.. Ryan philliee.

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    I think 37 is Danny glover in leathal weapon 3

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    Is 24 butch and sundance?... Some reason I keep thinking unforgiven though

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    Just the ones nobody has yet

    1 Bruce Almighty
    3 Kung Fu Panda
    7 The Great Escape
    12 Coneheads
    20 Alexander
    21 Up in the Air
    28 Absolute Power
    42 3 Days of the Condor
    43 Finding Forester ?

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    27. Ladyhawk
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
    You hold our hands so we don't blunder into things........and do the photo shop.
    . Andyg

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    41. Zulu, maybe?

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