First WIP ever so I thought I'd start small
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Thread: First WIP ever so I thought I'd start small

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    Default First WIP ever so I thought I'd start small

    I have decided to bite the bullet as it were and post a WIP of my latest acquisition CANG! I am doing this for 2 reasons, firstly to keep me motivated on such a large project and secondly so when I get stuck on something I have you all to "push" me in the right direction. Progress may be slow but I will try to keep you all updated with regular posts and pictures, you could also help me with a slight problem with colour scheme....I love green dragons, just love 'em but I don't think Cang would be at home in the woods do you, then theres Black, fierce but too much against the stone? Red is a popular choice and kinda fits with the mental image, but then theres the horned lizard type colour or even like the one on reign of fire.
    What are your ideas??? suggestions???

    Well I am taking it slowly to do the sculpt justice so spent most of last night cleaning the cast of flashing and test fitting, I have assembled the main towr parts and filled the more obvious seams, I will be concentrating on the tower first to get the right look before venturing on to Cang later.

    I hope you all enjoy this.

    Thanks for watching

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    Good luck, looks soooo awesome.....RED...REEEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!

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    bon chance amigo, have this one myself. fits together pretty well

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    oh dear... looks like a lifetime project soooo cool
    ...keep talking
    Forever remains


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    Damn, why everyone has one of these but not me? Looking forward to watching your progress.
    As for colour scheme, if I had one I would go with a horned lizard type scheme, something like THIS could be fun. Hard but fun. Goodluck.
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    I'll be watching this one for sure. Even though I despise you and anyone else that has one!!! *shakes fist*
    kidding of course....

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    just a quick update on colour scheme the ruined tower is going to be a limestone type thing (pictures to follow, not on main PC, she who must be obeyed is hogging that one to play SIMS) with just a hint of greenery, so it looks as though Cang will be going red. However the final details are still a bit sketchy and i could still do with all of your input

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    pictures of tower colour ideas as promised
    Name:  Stone_towers_at_Canyons_of_the_Ancients.jpg
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    and the tower with first undercoat to double check excess flash and filling requirements
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    The colors in the first photo would make it look a bit too much like clay, I think. Are you going for evil-dark-crimson-red, or brilliant poisonous-frog-red? (I'm a fan of crimson/"Alizarin" red, but you should of course go with whatever you like!)

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    It all depends on what color the dragon itself is going to be if you ask me. Choose that, then decide on a color stone that goes with that

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    Wow, this is a monster of a project, getting to see it all in pieces like that....that model is huge! Can't wait to see it progress. I'm liking the idea for the castle stone, more creamy tones rather than the pretty standard black-grey that seems to show up a lot should make for a really nice change, and compliment the red dragon well. Looking forward to finding out what type of red you decide on! Good luck!

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    I have decided the red tones but it is pretty hard to describe there will be deep purple/maroon shadings moving through to almost orange in certain areas but a contrast for the "belly" of the beast which will be almost bone in colour. the overall red will be like games workshops blood red. The tower has had its base coat of vallejo desert yellow and a wash of thinned devlan mud to bring out the mortar joints and natural crevices in the rock. It's still wet and looks like a blazing ball of light when i try to take a picture so they will follow later.
    Thanks for all your input, keep watching

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    Looking forward to how this progresses.

    Now remember no brushes except 10/0 :-). On a propper note, how do you go about painting something this large? View it as sections, use an airbrush, explosives and a can of paint?

    As for colour id like to see a metalic dragon.

    Have fun.

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    Well to answer this one...i use an airbrush to get the basic blocks of colour then swap to standard brushes to blend, highlight, detail etc. This is by far the largest non-vehicle project I have undertaken EVER. And it has dawned on me it really is epically huge, I mean HUUUUUUGE. It's so big it gives me the willies when i start thinking too hard about how to break it down. i decided to work on the tower completely, no Cang at all, when that is done to the best standard I can get then I will be set for assembling the main event, and ONLY then.

    The metalic dragon seems a really good idea too, 2 slight problems for me, I have never done NMM so that is out on this gorgeous thing and if i were to do true metallics then photographing it would be nearly impossible and all the detail would get lost in its sparkly glory, maybe when i get forgeworlds carmine dragon I could do that slightly pearlescent?? thoughts??
    thanks for watching, more progress this evening after work with a photo or 2 of current progress (possibly, I promised myself I wouldnt rush this one, but I get so excited )

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    Ooo pearlescent would be nice. Heck swap out the wings and go for a fairy dragon.

    Or if you really want to break down in tears do a crystal dragon.

    I agree about true metalic not looking good on camera, but do you paint for the camera or for yourself/client.

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    Broke n English


    I'll be watching this, can't wait to see the base done, it's a beast!

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    small update for tonight,started work on the stonework and steps.
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    This thread is made of WIN!

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    Lookin good silent bob, but ur gonna need jay to help you paint this one : )

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    day off todaqy so doing more work on the stones and rocky outcropings, have already started the mental breaking up of the process, if I paint up to there than that's 20% done, okay lets call it 1/4 then move round to there and that will be 1/2 etc. etc. needless to say in my head it's finished in reality I'm about 1/10th the way round lol. Hopefully get some more shots up later tonight.

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