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Thread: Post your pic....again.

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    Default Post your pic....again.

    The title says it all.

    See if you can dig up something you haven't posted before.

    Me 1961

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    Me now

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    at my mates stag do:

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    Thanksgiving 2003
    My lady and I

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    The wife and I camping after our wedding last summer:

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    Quote Originally Posted by No Such Agency View Post
    The wife and I camping after our wedding last summer:

    That looks like something right out of the 1920's!!

    PS...your wife is gorgeous!

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    Don't think I've shared this one, for obvious reasons...

    Supervike: "There's no purpose to this, besides something to do..."

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    Me, in Majorca earlier this year (and the water 'didn't taste like what it oughtta' in case you were wondering), the hat and beard change shape and style regularly as I'm a big fan of both.

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    My bad-ass professional work shot....

    ....and a more realistic shot of me and my lady on a cruise ship up the Alaskan coast last summer.

    Quote Originally Posted by uberdark View Post
    your my boogaboo. thanks suki.

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    Shawn, that first photo looks like Mini Me from an Austin Powers Movie lol

    Freak is that legal???

    Xmas 2009...

    Name:  n572399510_1165919_996.jpg
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    And now minus hair (well OK it was last year but I haven't changed much honest)

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    A few action shot and a pic of me suited and booted for a friends birthday (not sure why there is the massive grin..)

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    Me at 18

    Me at 50 something

    We done done it now. We're finally hitched. We are now the dreaded two headed Roger - Liz - Bunting monster you have all feared.

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    It's about time we got some non-bearded people in here! LOL

    Supervike: ain't she though? And nice too: she just gave me gift cert's to the FLGS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by uglybug View Post
    Me last year with a 34lb king salmon
    Post the actual pic, I'm far too lazy to click on links....;
    Supervike: "There's no purpose to this, besides something to do..."

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    Last year 34lb king salmon

    I thought the first post would show pic guess I didn't delete it fast enough

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    here's me kickin' it at the shop, watchin' the waves...

    here's a few action shots...

    this move is called a floater (as you float across the top of the wave and then drop back down)...
    man, i love my Firewire...

    here i'm riding my favorite longboard...

    this board is called a Sashimi...
    pretty tasty...


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    I really shouldn't post this but I don't have any recent photos. This was back in 2009 I think...I've lost over 80lbs since then.

    The big guy posing with me is Salem, a 17.2 hand Hanoverian gelding and was about 28-30 years old in that pic. Yes, pretty old for a horse but as you can see, he's still full of attitude. I was leasing him and he helped me start back riding again. He was such a good horse!

    This is closer but still not all that accurate - this my horse, Isaac a 16.1 hand Dutch Warmblood and he's 19 years old but still going strong. When I first got him, he'd much rather dump me in the dirt rather than work but we had a come to Jesus meeting and he's been great ever since. I call him the Old Grump but his attitude has completely changed. He's just a big ole sweetie now.

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    Well this is me taken 2 days ago next to one off the Stone Warriors here in Nanpi China (not a famous tourist site) Large pic sorry but it shows the details on the carving.....due to the cultural revolution there are no information signs but possibly something to do with the battle here around 2000 years ago?
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    Me when i try and fix my hair.

    And My favorite holiday, besides Christmas. Halloween!

    And an oldie but goodie that will get Vikey in here

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