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    Default Article: Space Marine painting competition!

    I like it firm and fruity!

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    So any Space marine chapter is alowed?

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    just wanted to double check - the figure entered has to be one that never been publicly seen or just one never entered in a contest ?

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    The fig should be brand new, and marine chapter is allowed. Best Ork, best Chaos Marine and best Space Marine are all ok.

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    Default 'Brand New'

    Quote Originally Posted by Chern Ann View Post
    The fig should be brand new, and marine chapter is allowed. Best Ork, best Chaos Marine and best Space Marine are all ok.
    Hi CA,

    By 'brand new', you mean a brand new project, yes, not a brand new model?


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    space marine terminator is ok? like for example captain stern???

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    Any kind of Space Marine is fine, and yes the model shouldn't be something the world at large has not seen before, not necessarily "new" as in rushed to the store and bought that day :P
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    with regards to the "new" condition of the mini - would it be acceptable to keep a work-in-progress log on this site? Or should the first pictures of the mini ever seen on the internet be the ones submitted for the contest?

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    Just to be clear, are vehicles from the various factions allowed?

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    Chern I too would like a little clarification on this WIP aspect, and whether we are allowed to show off our entries. I was just about to post a picture of the base I have made over the last couple of days for some advice on colours, but will hold off if it will be against the rules to do so. Please could you do a sticky or something in the forums just to lay down any further details you think people may ask. Might save you some time answering lots of questions over the coming month!!dfb

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    WIP is fine, vehicles are no. Single figures please!
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    What format are the games on?

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    Up to the winners to choose. THQ will supply them in PS3, XBox360 or PC models.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Last question from me, I promise:

    Entries must be received by 24 September 2011
    Is that the start or the end of the 24th September? I'm assuming that it's based off your local time. Where is that? West coast USA? East? Central? It seems a silly question, but my painting deadlines always end up going down to the wire. That's when I meet them at all I'm lucky enough to be off work on the 23rd and 24th, so I will likely be frantically painting into the wee small hours, so relative time difference becomes important n stuff.

    Thanks, and sorry for the pedantic-seeming questions.

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    OK, So they do not have to be new projects. NP, I just love minis !!! CS

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    I am so up for this. Had a figure that I've been wanting to paint for ages and this is the perfect opportunity.

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    Hey, I think we have quite a few dreadnoughts and other vehicles entered already. Are we going back on the no vehicles rule?

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