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    Dear all,

    Further to our discussion of the safety of acrylic paints, I present to you the safety data sheet for mechrite red, direct from Games Workshop mail order.

    I am somewhat alarmed by the recommendation of 'safety glasses' whilst handling!

    Also the recommendation to seek medical attention upon ingestation. If it tastes hazardous to human health...

    ~NB It turns out I can't upload the pdf since its 1.3mb is there a way around this?

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    Are you talking about MSDS? What do they have in composition section? Unless they show SPECIFIC components that are potentially hazardous all this is just a general liability crap

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    Screenshot below
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    Quote Originally Posted by kathrynloch View Post
    And we're supposed to be alarmed about....?
    The Specific Gravity!!! Anything above 1.1 can kill you!!!
    And anything from china that lists filler over 5% is bound to be toxic. Just look at their pet and baby foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathrynloch View Post
    And we're supposed to be alarmed about....?
    We cna't eat the paint :O

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    Ebony wood has a specific gravity of 1.2, so it is 1.2 times as dense as water, sinking rather than floating.

    Just thought it was time for a useles fact :-)
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    I never thought of it as eating paint....more like drinking it....
    Coolmini.............Cos I'm akward.

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