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    Default My first Cool Mini miniature posted

    Hey all,

    I finally posted up a pic of one of my minis. I'll upload more as time goes buy and I have more time to put them up.

    Here is the link for the voting -

    Here are 2 shots of the savage orc, there are 2 other angles in the link above. He is my entry into the Australian Golden Demon 2011.

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    Wow, verra nice!

    How long have you been painting?

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    Thanks Gearhead, I've been painting armies for ages, since the early 1990's when at school. But in 2009 I met some of the good painters here in Australia and decided to get better. Thanks to them I have improved lots in 2 years, basically going from drybrushing and washes/inks to this standard using glazes. I think there are many more things to master but im pretty happy with my progress so far.
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    looks really cool, great painting!
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    I love the naturalistic style that you have here with soft highlights and shadows but I wonder if it is all the paintjob. It looks to me like when you photographed it there was a strong light source coming down from above making it hard to tell what you did and what is just naturally happening. If I am wrong then I am extremely impressed and just have to say keep it up! If its true than I would like to see some better lit photos so that I can see your paint work better. Either way it is nice and smooth with seamless blends and a great execution so either way it is quite nice.

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    Really good work
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    nice paintwork matched by a great base
    Coolmini.............Cos I'm akward.

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    yup, good work

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    Is this your first? Hard to belive Excelent work and great photography

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    Thanks for the kinds words guys, I did see that the lighting is dark on the bottom and I'll take some more pics for you this weekend so you can see. I assure you that the shading is my handy work, when I take the other pics you'll see more clearly.

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    Love that smooth skin! Congrats on your first post, hopefully we'll see plenty more.

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