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Thread: Sproket's Dark Eldar diorama

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    Well done, Sir!

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    White Dwarf needs a proofreader. "...their eerie..." really?

    Well done Sproket, but then I don't think we would expect anything less!
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    Once again thanks! The project turned out to be pretty epic in terms of it's timescale and there were a few rough patches. All the encouragement, enthusiasm and observations were been a big part of what kept me going with the dio. Now the dust is beginning to settle I've finally been able to get some proper pics of the finished piece.

    Name:  Finisheddio2.jpg
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    There are more pics on my blog.

    Here's a link if you'd like to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/342470?browseid=6858398

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    Great picts. It was very enjoyable (and enlightening) watching your progress on this... and congrats on the sword.

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    Wow, Congrats! I am in awe! also I know others have said it but being able to watch your progress was a really wonderful gift. Thanks!

    ... what are we doing for next year?

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    Really great job on the dio - congratz on the sword!!
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    What? You mean this is actually finished? That's it, I've been not painint for far too long...
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