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Thread: Sproket's Dark Eldar diorama

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    Beautifull, beautifull piece!! This one I wouldn't mind having on my shelf!

    I also go with the darker background. God luck for the competion and even if you don't win anything, you'll have everyone undying admiration here at CMON

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    I thought the open category was not eligible to win the sword? I'd enter it in diorama given the good chance it has at an overall win.

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    dude i hope you make it into the diorama category, this piece is slayer-worthy for sure. awesome job all around, hat off for you sir.

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    Wow. It's been some experience even watching this scene develope and thank you i've learned quite a bit by watching this thread. Really looking forward to your next work.

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    My dio is 28.7cm tall so diorama category it is.
    That worked out well considering the total lack of planning! When I started this I didn't really have any thoughts of entering GD and then the idea for the composition completely changed and things developed in a very organic way. I like the freedom of being able to just go with what feels right but the height issue was (literally) a close thing.

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    fantastic work sprocket! watching this thread come to its finish has been a pure pleasure!
    I agree with all the previous statements. this work is one that people will remember for a very long time.

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    Sprocket, congatulations on the slayer sword. Its well deserved. Wish i could have been there to see the scourges in the flesh.

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    Massive congratz with the slayer sword, a well deserved win.
    The odds of succesfully finishing this miniature is 3720:1

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    Great meeting up and chewing the fat with you sprocket and the most well deserved slayer sword in ages! You got to do euro next year!
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    Congrats on the sword and an amazing job!

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    Many congratulations, Sproket - a well deserved slayer sword!
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    It was super fun watching the entry come together. I have never seen a Slayer sword entry from the start to finish. The journey. That was my favorite part. Congrats man!
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    Thumbs up, congratulations, efforts and hard work concluded by huge achievement and merit... Wished to live closer so I could have a chance to have a closer look at this wonderful piece...
    As Zab mentioned it was so great to follow the piece construction and paint job, and now even better that it became a Slayer sword winning piece.

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    Congratulations on the big win. Great to see an amazing piece like this get the recognition it deserves. Well done!

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    that is awesome you got the slayer sword for this stunning piece, many congratulations!
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    I am very happy your hard work was rewarded, congratulations sir.

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    congradulations sir. that sword is very well deserved
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    Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been here to thank you for your comments earlier but the big weekend (and the late nights painting & worrying last week) really took it out of me and I'm still pretty knackered! I'm hoping to take some decent pics of the finished minis and get them posted up this week and then I can get back to painting and finally make a proper start on Chee-Chee.
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    Well done with your wins and the Slayer Sword was certainly deserved -- I knew you'd do it!!


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