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    In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only cake!

    Or something like that.

    Here's a gift I've just finished off for my friends who are getting married tomorrow.

    It's designed like a traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper, but with a model representing each of the armies that they like.

    There are little elements of their looks in the models... well, Kait has pretty bright red hair. Mark doesn't look much like a Marine, although my Girlfriend strangely says it looks like him :s

    Anyway, it was a fun idea and came out OK. The execution's not the most perfect painting I've ever done, but hopefully the idea wins through and it comes together as a finished piece. Most importantly, I hope they like it.

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    Looks very nice, and I'm sure they'll love it! Just hope the bride-to-be isn't as crabby as her topper!
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    Lovely... can you eat them?
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    marvellous idea - I'm sure they'll love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Looks very nice, and I'm sure they'll love it! Just hope the bride-to-be isn't as crabby as her topper!
    snork!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lovely work, I am sure they will love it!!!
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    Really cool. My favourite bit is the cake on the sword blade, nice touch!
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    Slaanesh and Templar: theirs was a forbidden love... Amazing work! The "cake" part is pretty neat in itself, since the inside looks like actual cake. (the cake is a lie?)

    Voted and commented.

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    Looks awesome, I dont think I could convince my fiancee to let me have something like this though . Hope they enjoyed it!

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    I think that's cracking as a topper for gamers.
    Despite my "unhappyness" with GW I think that the Dark Eldar figure is one of the nicest they've tossed out in a while.

    If it'd been me doing this (and I might have to do one soon) I think I'd have gone for her left hand holding something rather than a claw, but hey if she's a Slaaneshist that fits.
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    Awesome, very very nice.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback folks. It was certainly fun to have a go at this. As almost everything I paint is to go on Ebay, working on something much more personal was very rewarding and I certainly need to make time to do more stuff like this. The cake is indeed a lie. There was an individual cupcake for each guest at the wedding in addition to the big cake though. Omnomnom!

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    That cake looks delicious! Cool job all around.

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    Dude! That's an awesome idea. Very nice work. It took me a second to realize what the brown stuff was but the cake crumbs on the emperor's champion sword is just perfect. It's something they will proudly display for in their house for the rest of their lives. On a side note, not related to painting. My friends did something similar to this for my wife and my wedding. They made magic cards of us. Original art, text. They found a program online so they look like actual cards. We printed out enough sets and gave them away as our wedding gift favors. Sure beat the crap outta small stupid picture frames or bubble jars with out names on them. Best of luck to the bride and groom. Now I'm hungry....

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