My Eltharion the Blind

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Thread: My Eltharion the Blind

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    Smile Blind

    Thank you!
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    I'd put it at a 4. That is to say, slightly below what I'd consider to be tabletop standard, but not terribly so.

    Good points of the mini: Nice colour choice, and the paint is where it's supposed to be (e.g. you don't have yellow from the hair on the cloak by accident). This is harder to achieve than you'd think, so don't knock the fact that you can do it.
    Things to work on: 1: Using less paint. The paint seems to have been laid on very thickly. It's a good idea to water paint down, rather than use it straight from the pot. Use a piece of plastic, the inside of a blister pack, or just buy a well-palette from an art store. Theyre not expensive. Thinning your paint will help a lot.
    2: Smoothing out your blends. Thinning the paint will help with this, too. It will take a lot longer to get good coverage, but you will have far more control of where the paint goes, and can thus use many thin layers to create a smooth transition.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to the forums. Posting here and asking for advice is the best way to get better at painting, I can promise you that.
    "Facts are the impregnable bulwark that stands between us and the insidious evil of bullsh*t." - Pikey, over on Nagoyahammer

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    Thanks, the feedback has been quite helpful!

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