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    very cool, freehand top notch! only 3 (?) weeks left though, hurry hurry LOL

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    Oh shut it you. I´d rather drink my coffee with tar than enter this in the fang

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    more progress. kind of puzzled as for what to do with the other side of the canal. maybe a slightly higher bank with some rubble and corpses, with stormvermin running over them. really liked nakatans piece: also thinking of making an opening into the sewers with a gate.

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    What about an abandoned cart with vermin on it? Kind of set the stage as a battleground?

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    I think if the vermin kick the water, the splasing water will be nice.

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    thanks for the ideas guys=) i think i´l have to redo the water with 2p resin. too many bubbles=( the cart is a great idea. not gonna enter this into a gw event, so i´m rather free to use any models out there. any tips? the zombie cart is cool, but i don't know for sure.

    plan to use splashing water indeed, gonna do waves aswell.

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    I wanna work a water effect too, so i wait what you can do.

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    Finally got around to painting Boudicca from Origen Art, one of my all time favorite pieces. Hopefully i can get around to painting a similar bust again, had an absolute blast, and am really happy about the end result. Voting link coming up soon...
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    S**t the bed that's bloody excellent!! Far too many great bits on her to pick out anything specific so I'll just say well done sir 10/10

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    That is incredibly fantastic! So much details its a feast for the eyes. She is perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthmarsh View Post
    S**t the bed that's bloody excellent!! Far too many great bits on her to pick out anything specific so I'll just say well done sir 10/10
    can't say it better than Darthmarsh. Beautiful Ischa. Love the freckles, the hair, the cloth texture, spear shaft texture, tattoos, cut.....

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    Mycket trevligt förstår att du är nöjd med denna.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Lovely work with Boudicca, the fabric effect is great. Amazing overall though

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    that looks stunning. very nice work indeed

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    Bravo sir. Her face and eyes follows Chris Claytons 'hush' style?
    I particularly like the freckles, cross hatches on the matetial and choice of colors
    All very impressive.

    Only thing that annoys me is the slight bend in the spear shaft but its a tiny problem.
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    Magnificent work, you can tell you have enjoyed it by how much you have thrown at this.

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    I don't think it gets any better than this : the choice of colours, the contrast, the blending and then all that amazing freehand work. Everything is just perfect.



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    Peeps! you´re all too sweet. Thanks for all the nice comments=)

    10 ball: the bend is indeed annoying. Tried to fix it, but the resin is resi(n)stant. Indeed i took a lot of notice when reading Chris's tutorial for Hush. It is one of my favorite pieces of all time, and one of the most inspiring to me. I also have to give credit to painting buddhas awesome tutorial with Kirill Kanaev, which helped a lot when i had to paint the tartan pattern.

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    Votey linkeys up! Help me reach new heights of super stardom painting recognition!

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    Voted but it won't let me comment there for some reason. i was trying to say great work the skin is fantastic i really like the tartans and added details like the freckles, tattoos ect.
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