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    I`m back! havnt been on the forums for a couple of months, due to lack of computer and then time. if yall wish to blame someone, blame Stefan!.

    Some new projects going.
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    uh another big project youll paint just a few pieces on and then put it in a corner collectiong dust? looking good though. what about your dino-rider??

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    possibly at least it´s growing! i wish i had the inspiration to start work on the dino again! just not feeling it though

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    Hmm Ischa I believe that when it comes to finnishing project you and me have a simular problem, during you abscence I actually did finnish my farseer thou... very unexpected

    So when you say that we should blame Stefan... I am wondering did he brake your computer? or is it more like gernal we should blame him, like saying I haven´t finnished x amount of started figures it must be stefans fault...

    In any case very nice too see that you are back here.


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    i finished my space wolf mini aswell! so stop cursing at me for not being able to finish stuff! blame him cause he is a bad person, simple as that i broke my own computer and then siba kidnapped it for a month or so. didnt dare touch it for a good while after that due to fear of viruses

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    ischa, youre just mad cuz im göteborgs best painter mwahaha

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    I am so happy living in Västerås, Too my knowledge there isnt anyone from there in these forums, so then I must be the best..

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    Oh of course, you´re my knight and master S! As for best painter in Västerås, claim the title!

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    sculpting is fun. having troubles with the feet though. should i or shouldnt i add shoes?

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    wohoo! not bad, not bad at all! i think the barefoot work well, its more "out of the grave" feeling of it

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    not happy with how the pics turned out, but really happy with some parts of the sculpt=) maybe i should do a claw instead of a boot? that could be cool

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    HI, there. NICE to see some post from you again, looks good. Sculpting is hard. never had the time to try it yet for myself. who knows when I am a pensioner it might happen.

    Keep up the good work and I say keedp the feet, they look good.


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    Looking great, love the base also
    "we reach for the stars, forever looking to the heavens, our minds filled with wonder and the glory of the cosmic all; stretching the boundries of human knowledge and securing the solar system for the Human Species out there beyond the final frontier so one day our decendants will be as gods!
    You hold our hands so we don't blunder into things........and do the photo shop.
    . Andyg

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    Havnt written anything here for a while, so decided to do a wee tutorial. Dont know if there is still interest for it, but got questions a while ago about high contrast skin for dark elves/vampires. So here goes nothing:

    first stage is a basecoat of equal parts liche purple, black and vallejo old rose.

    next, i simply add some more old rose, along with some gw astronomican gray in layers, building up til the result looks like this:
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    i then add equal parts elf flesh and astronomican grey, little by little. this step should be around 3 layers:
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    a very thin black glaze now goes into the cheeks, cleavege and on the side of the nose. careful here. i also make sure to clean up edges and paint the lips black. this stage is all about cleaning up.
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    this is where the fin starts. paint details such as eyebrows, lip colors I used a photo of rosie huntingon-whiteley as reference, damn). i also increased the highlights tons. made a new mix with 3 parts elf flesh, 3 parts astronomican, 1 part skull white and 1 part liche purple. just the absolute peaks of cheekbones, forehead and other prominent features. this mini also lacked eyelids, i had to paint those on, just underneath the eyes, used a washed down mix of liche purple and black for this.
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    finally more skull white, touching up eyebrows and doing extreme spot highlights.
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    Now. those pics were horrible. but i hope it still makes sence. as the mini got further, i liked it more. check it out with proper hair and stuff.Name:  IMG_1300.jpg
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    Last edited by ischa; 02-20-2013 at 11:50 AM.

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    wow updates!! coooool

    i wonder what she sees in there, looking surprised/shocked beyond belief. perhaps some garlic in the soup?? ouch!! =)

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    i´d say someone is doing batshit cray things on x-factor. or how damn big those pics were. need to fix that

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    Hi Ischa nice to see some post from you. will take the time to read them tommorow, always nice with tutorial and tips.


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    The expression you managed on her is cool. Did it came on the mini or you did that?

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    I love the painterliness of this. The face is really expressive and you've done a great deal with the contours.

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