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    Thing is, the site won't let me upload a pic to the gallery. It takes me to a "captcha" thingy to see if I am human then just gets hung up. Can someone vouch with the site admin for me and let them know I am super for reals human! I bleed, I cry, I love! Let me in please!So I will upload a votey link when that gets sorted out. Meanwhile it was painted for amonthly challenge as part of the local Warhammer clubs mission to get people painting again. We started with a 20mm square mini and are moving up to the next size every month until we hit 50mm. It's harder than I thought!Anyway, thanks for looking. Thanks to any mods who do their best to help me start loading to the gallery again. Any Rolex watches I upload are actually miniature 28mm scale babies I made from greenstuff and magic sculp.

    Hey! I can upload now!
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    well i like him

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    Very nicely painted, Scott! It looks smooth and very neatly done. The base is perhaps a little plain and uninspired, and I think you've used sand/gravel that's a bit too coarse. I would also suggest being a bit bolder and more daring when it comes to pick out details and edges of things. When you think you've highlighted everything to clearly define everything, go a bit further... and then a bit further. But, nice job! One of my favourite paintjobs from you!
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    Thanks guys! Much appreciated Tim!Anders! How are you man! Hope everything is running smooth. Smooth enough to be good, not smooth enough to be boring though. Thanks for taking a look, and good to hear from you.

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    Man! I officially have a "hater"! In the last several submissions I've posted after I check them fairly early on (5 votes or less) I usually have a score from a registered user that's 5 or less. WOOT! I've made a difference in someone's life, and that is all one can really ask of themselves. Boo-yah!

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    haters gotta hate.

    I dig it, but didn't you paint that guy like 5 years ago? (or maybe one very similar?)

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    Broke n English


    Really liked this sculpt, and you've got a solid rendition there, nice one

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    TY guys. No Vike I've never painted this one. I am a big fan of all things Nurgle but never painted this guy. Mostly just their demons and stuff. I still have like 3 or 4 more of these dudes kicking around for some reason.

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    Really nice and smooth, I reckon he's your best so far.

    Like anders said, push the highlights and details and you'll have some sweet paintwork :P

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    nice Scott....if it boils, blisters oozes or whatever I am a fan, as long as it is not on me
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    Great paint job so I'll forgive the mis-spelling of 'Nurlge'! ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonmin82 View Post
    Great paint job so I'll forgive the mis-spelling of 'Nurlge'! ;-)
    Holy smokes! I didn't notice that. YIKES!

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