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    Default mech heavy games ?

    i'm looking to start collecting/ painting a miniature series that focuses on a very mech heavy element, I already have a space marines army from warhammer 40k going and am looking for something a little different. anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Battletech, Heavy Gear are pretty mech heavy (or rather almost mech only).
    Also more or less Warmachine has a mech element (the warjacks)

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    awesome thanks for the feedback

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    Dust Tactics?
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    I thought about doing something similar, but I've already got too many irons in the fire.

    However, Heavy Gear really is impressive. It's not quite my preferred scale, but makes much more sense, price wise.

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    If you are looking for good price I would go to DUST Tactics. Cheapest pricing...

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    I will also agree that Heavy Gear is an awesome mecha game. The rules are way better than the clusterf*** that is Battletech. The game is balanced and the variety of different mecha is great. I really would not lump Warmachine in as a mecha heavy game as infantry tend to make up the majority of the models in most games. Relic Knights is new and has some neat mecha though it is not a true mecha game. Heavy Gear website is
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    This game/miniatures are pretty sweet, its not VERY mech heavy, but there are mechs, and they are huge

    Ive chimmed in and supported the project, I recommend others do if you like the models. You get rewarded for your contributions!

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    There's also the question of when you say "mech heavy", do you mean mechanized or mecha?

    Mechanized is easy, as any sci-fi miniatures game will let you load up on all sorts of armored vehicles. Then there is the scale question. Other than 40K I've always stuck with the micro armor (aprox. 1/285th) scale for these types of games. It's no longer in print, at least I don't think it is, but FASA's Centurion is a great grav tank game with infantry, APCs and MBTs. CinC still sells the figs.

    Mecha can be a little harder as many of the games have crap rules for cool figures. I really enjoyed Battletech, back in the days before the Clans were ever mentioned and they still used the Robotech designs. Now? Meh. Currently I'm addicted to Warmachine from Privateer Press. The Warjacks (mechs) are really cool, though some of the infantry sculpts are so weak you'd think they were from the 1980s. And the game system is quite tight. None of the RAW-RAI bullpoop that GW games always generate.

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