PVC BLACK ELABORATED BASS and other for charities! Hurry up!
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Thread: PVC BLACK ELABORATED BASS and other for charities! Hurry up!

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    Default PVC BLACK ELABORATED BASS and other for charities! Hurry up!

    Hello to all!

    Some veterans of the forum will remember my PVC bases... i don't produce them anymore, because they're too much expensive!

    Ali mcvey, Franciuus, Automaton, Poupeè canope, beltane, rolljordan and many other artists used them for their masterpiece... my bases are under some golden demon slayer winn!

    Some week s ago i find at my old parent's house a bargain with some of them...

    But i'll use them for my future miniatures, apart three of them, that i would devolve to the ONLUS organization of Mattia Fagnoni!

    You can read more of these two great parents here:


    Your money will be sent directly to their paypal address.. included the shipping offered by myself, the association will have the *** entire payment *** !

    My lot consists of:

    - 2 very elaborated black pvc bases ( like them, the more expensive! http://www.coolminiornot.com/128396 )
    these bases required 3 euros of material costs and 30 minutes of hard work with infernal machines!

    - 1 simple circular PVC base

    - 1 maniac child, funny limited edition resin miniature of Gotrakk casted in only 150 ex ( http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/9703/baby4.jpg )

    I ACCEPT FREE OFFERS FOR THE ENTIRE LOT, IN PM OR HERE IN THE FORUMS... also little offers, the important is that the association will receive a little sum!

    Does not important how much it will arrive, the important is to feel that they arrive!

    When you've paid, the parent's of Mattia will send me an ok to send the stuff!


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    No one interested in the lot for a free offer?

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