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Thread: Confrontation Rebirth time for some Lists

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    Default Confrontation Rebirth time for some Lists

    Well the title says it all: with the rebirth of confrontation Thank you CMON/LM it may be time to throw up what we play and some of our lists. This way the old players can get some current feedback to get the fires going and the new players can get some fresh material for what makes up a solid base for army lists. The last thought here is that the crew at CMON/LM may be able to grab some ideas for upcoming releases of packaging and what to include based on whats common in these lists to give players a competitive base right out of the box.

    To that end i have also included a link which i did not see elsewhere on teh forum which is useful for looking over information for the diff. factions to get a feel for them:


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    Sadly with the prices being charged for some of the releases its going to be hard to get new people interested, especially with the slow release rate, expensive prices still being charged for alot of core units on ebay and the fact that we don't even know if legacy is going to actually support the game. i'd love to see the game have a rebirth, but to be honest its going to be a while, and even then it seems doubtful to me.
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