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    Wasn't there an image zoom function available after the redesign? I still get the magnifier icon on mouse-over for many pictures, but nothing happens when I click. IIRC the full size image used to open in a new layer. Was the zoom function removed? Why?

    I tried this in different browsers (IE9, FF6+7, Chrome 14), but the result was always the same - I get the icon on mouse-over, but on-click nothing happens

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    The glass sometimes appears even when no additional magnification is available, but I think the tool is sometimes not detecting the browser window size. We'll look into it.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    HI there
    I usually zoom the image using an
    online image zoomimg program.It supports to zoom in and out image effective.You
    can also add one of them.Hope to help you.

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