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    Had a bit of time between commissions while waiting for deliveries so I though i'd finish this guy. Something a bit different after all the GW stuff i've been doing lately, and was a nice change!

    Hope you like

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    Very nice, really like him. The face, especially, is superb

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    Excellent , brrrrrrrrrr he looks cold :-)
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    Really nice work. Going up in scale pushes the painter to smoother work, and this is a good example of self challenge getting a classic result.
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    Real nice. : )
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    Beautiful work. He really looks cold! Love the skin, base, and leather

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    Excellent work all around.

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    Excellent the cold look on his face adds to the scene and makes me feel cold just by looking at it.


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    your work makes me even question if he can actually feel his fingers, great freezing ambiance you have created here!!!
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    Awesome, love the marks on the knees of his trousers, the face looks just brilliant, the perfect tone.

    Nice one,


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