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    Default Chaos Army

    Hi everyone!

    I have been painting those minis for 3-4 years just to collect them and never played a real match (Weird i Know ^^)
    I'm pretty new to game and i was wondering whats the difference in playing Undivided Chaos or a specific Chaos Deity army. And if there any rules about this question, where i can find them (I got the army book, can't find anything about it)

    Thanks in advance to anyone that will answer this newbie question.

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    You can give certain units marks of chaos (tzeench, khorne, Slanesh, Nurgle). You can find the effects of these marks in your armybook on page 110. If you don't give your units any of these marks they are undivided. I have started playing over a couple of months, and I can tell there is no better feeling then commanding your fully painted army into battle. If you have any other questions, I highly recommand you to visit As a beginning warriors of chaos player myself, they helped me out very well.
    I hope I helped you out and have fun playing!

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    Try different marks for every unit then go with the marks that works best with that unit.

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    Chaos army is easy: big unit of khorne maurauders with grt weapons, big unit of chaos chosen - tzeench for beardy 3 up ward save malark or khorne for deadlyness and 4 up ward, 3 war shrines, 3 hell cannons, level 4 sorcerer lord plus bsb and perhaps killy lord or level 2. Point at enemy and pwn.

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    In so far as rules for Chaos hordes, there is some info on page 142 onwards in the Tamurkhan book from Forgeworld on creating a great host of chaos - this details specific rules for using forces from Daemonic, Beasts and Warriors as well as the benefits of choosing a specific patronage or going undivided. I use this book quite a lot when playing with friends (but the rules aren't "official" and won't be accepted in tournaments as far as i'm aware, so I guess it depends on what you want to do and who you want to play with).

    Personally, I still use all 4 marks as they're all useful in some circumstances. The latest rules do appear to favour Tzeentch and Khorne over the other marks for core troops. With Tzeentch, your chaos warriors with shields have their parry save improved plus still have a ward save vs ranged shooting attacks (unlike Nurgle who lost the benefit of the -1 to hit for ranged attacks in the latest edition). Tzeentch are therefore fairly hardy, with a 3+ armour save, coupled with 5+ ward save in melee and a 6+ ward save to ranged. Shame really, as you'd think logically that Nurgle would've been the more resilient of the Marks. With that said, I recently used a large unit of Nurgle Chaos Warriors successfully that was led by Festus the Leechlord. With fleshy abundance and blades of putrefaction running, you have a unit with 4+ regen and poisoness attacks wounding automatically on a 5 and 6. Which was nice until they were obliterated......hehe.

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