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    I have been eager (as have many) to find Traveller-type alien figs. Check out the following site: has "Science Fiction Wolfmen" that make awesome looking Vargr!

    I'm new to this blog and hope this helps some of you out!

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    That's the first thing, I thought of too..

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    You can still find 15 MM martian Metal figs on E-bay every now and then. The were perfect for the ship plans. YOu can also use flames of war 15mm for low tech troops and vehicles for Striker rules. Infiniti figs are good for larger scale figs of a more normal tech level.
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    I sometimes wish I had focussed on 15mm for Traveller, but have tended toward 25mm. It turns out there are a great deal of 25mm deck plans too. I've invested a bit on 25mm and probably won't change horses midstream. I do love the old 25mm Vargr though...damn!

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    nice minis but 32mm

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