Article: How to paint with dry pigments - tutorial
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Thread: Article: How to paint with dry pigments - tutorial

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    Default Article: How to paint with dry pigments - tutorial


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    Oh cool, never knew they used dry pigments for painting

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    Very cool - I use my dry pigments for painting on a regular basis but haven't had time to post a tutorial.

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    aaaah, so thats where kathryn's been recently. I was starting to get worried...

    Lovely tutorial. That's a big box o pigments added to my "things to buy" list...
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    Anybody who's ever owned GW paints has eventually used "dry" pigments, if you know what I'm saying

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    Thanks, guys Glad you like it.And I know what you mean, thetang22 ^^

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    Thanks everyone and thanks Mahon for posting it. The article formatting is absolutely lovely. You did a fantastic job!

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    Fantastic I was just about to try this method

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