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    I liked the idea of turquoise in this mini. Don't know if it was wisdom or not. I really do like the FW DKoK stuff a pile. I think they really hit a home run with that range. Anyway, fire away if you like. Thanks for looking gang!

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    I think the base is great, I am going to have to replicate in on some terrain I have. The turquoise is a great color, it reminds me of Infantry Blue in the US Army branch colors. Also, the mask is great and the leather looks wonderful. Superb job!

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    Yep, that's really nice... great job (I very much like the turquoise...)

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    Great neat highlighting, he looks awesome

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    Awesome, voted and commented

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    That could well be my new favourite DKoK model. The turquoise totally works (although I will confess to having a bit of a soft spot for turquoise). Lovely simple base, and a tremendously...leathery looking coat. It just has that kinda leather look that leather has. Top banana
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    Yup, really like that

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    The splash of color is really set off well against the other earthy colors. Nicely done.

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    The turquoise accent colour was a stroke of genius. I think every part of this works, from the textures to the technique. Love the oxidation effect on the base that ties it together with the mini.

    It's a lovely sculpt and you've done it great justice! Superb work and well done!

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