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    I am trying on this mini to sort of break from what I have been told is my typical painting style. On the mini I took the five colours I always use on every mini and didn't use them. I also tried painting white. I can't say I'd call this mini great and the white sure came out like a cream and not white. I'll keep practicing to expand my painting techniques though. Next time I'd try for white I'd start off a lot lighter too. I started with P3 menoth white and that's too dark I think. Anyway, fire away any crit's you'd like. Thanks!
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    Man thats a small mini nice work. Did the vote thing
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    nice job, look forward to more out of the box stuff from you!!!!
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    Wow, really like her. Good to see how small she is, it's easy to forget

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    Hey Scott, really great work! I love Hasslefree minis and it's always great to see such a mini painted so nice. The face expression works very well!

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    Hey, thanks guys!

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    Sorry, although it uses a different pallette, it still very much looks like 'your' style.

    That's not a bad thing at all!!

    Very sweet little mini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Sorry, although it uses a different pallette, it still very much looks like 'your' style.
    I'm going to agree with Supervike here, it is still very much your style.

    Now for the hard part, I've looked at your painting over the last few years and yes you have improved a lot, but I see what you are posting and to be honest I think you've got yourself into a bit of a 'Comfort Zone'. I really think you need to get a figure (possibly a more complex one) and work it for all you can, taking it up levels beyond what you are normally satisfied with.
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    Can't disagree with you Mike! I'm trying to get a few mini's out for eBay to get a little extra Christmas cash and I am nto really doing to much extra thinking or pushing myself on them. I am trying to figure what I should work on to get outside my regular zone. Might be a larger scale, or a completely different subject matter or something. I even switched to using a much lighter primer thinking it might make my mini's look a little different... nope.

    Good news is with summer gone I do have MUCH more time to paint. I will find something to really dig into and try to stretch in between these eBay projects. Thanks guys!

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