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    Default Great weapon attack order?

    I was playing a game on the weekend with my Orcs and Gobs Vs a mates VC's.. just a question regarding great weapons. If two units that have great weapons are in close combat does the attack order fall back to initiative or do they both attack at the same time? Thanks a lot!.

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    Unlike some of the previous editions of Fantasy, the current edition allows for simultaneous attacks from both sides. If both units have Always Strike First (ASF), Always Strike Last (ASL, most frequently from great weapons), or the same initiative then you just resolve the attacks at the same time.

    Yes, that means that an I9 Elf Assassin with ASF strikes at the exact same time as a Skeleton with Vanhel's Dance cast on him
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    Thanks for clearing this uo for me.

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    The 8th edition doesn't seem to make sense to start with until you consider that always strikes first really is always strikes first, irespective of initiative, so ignoring initiative altogether is logical afterall. If that makes sense ?!

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