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    im painting a toxic swamp setting for my nurgle army and want to paint the raised portions as stone... something like this was wondering if any one had any ideas on how to make a similar effect easily and quikly... only thing i can think of is a layer of vomit brown then a delvin mud wash and a red wash... if any one has any ideas or has painted anything similar please let me know!

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    I would try vermin brown as a base color then drybrush base plus bleached bone and then straight bleached bone then do a sepia wash and then later a mud wash then retouch your highlights gently then use a well diluted chestnut ink wash a few times. If you dont have a chestnut ink do a mix of a scorched brown with a touch of vermin brown well diluted into the deepest recesses. Hope this helps. I suggest the darker colors as you are in mini scale and the highlights will pop more

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    god knows, but shouldn't you have painted them by now?

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    ive been buesy :P have had lots going on in life lately that has distracted me from painting... altho lately ive been distracting myselfe from life with painting so HA! 15 need second highlights on the marines and rusty close combat weapons.... 8 need that + bolters 7 need that + first highlights... all need bases painted... i seemed to have found a good look for the stone tho and it seems like it will work well... YAY for guinnie pigs!

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